Family of funds

Family of funds

A group of mutual funds offered by one investment company. Often, switching from one mutual fund to another can be done without incurring fees as long as both funds are in the same 'family'.
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Fund Family

A set of mutual funds managed by a single company. The funds within a fund family have different investment goals and/or strategies. However, because the same company manages the whole family, individual investors may generally move money from one fund to another without extra commissions or fees. This allows investors to be flexible in their own investment goals according to their particular needs at a given time. A fund family is also called a group of funds.
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family of funds

A group of mutual funds operated by the same investment management company. Investors are often able to transfer money between mutual funds within a particular family of funds at only a nominal charge. Thus, an investor with shares in a growth fund could move funds out of the growth fund and into a money market fund or a bond fund without paying a new sales charge if each of these funds is managed by a single investment firm. Investing money with a company permitting this flexibility is advantageous to the investor. Also called fund group, group of funds. See also fund switching.
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Family of funds.

Many large mutual fund companies offer a variety of stock, bond, and money market funds with different investment strategies and objectives. Together, these funds make up a family of funds.

If you own one fund in a family, you can usually transfer assets to another fund in the same family without sales charges. The transaction is known as an exchange.

But unless the funds are in a tax-deferred or tax-free retirement or education savings plan, you'll owe capital gains taxes on increases in value of the fund you're selling.

Investing in a family of funds can make diversification and asset allocation easier, provided there are funds within the family that meet your investment criteria. Investing in a family of funds can also simplify recordkeeping.

However, the advantages of consolidating your assets within one fund family are being challenged by the proliferation of fund networks. Fund networks, sometimes called fund supermarkets, make it easy to spread your investments among several fund families.

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Funding for the new venture, Capitala Specialty Lending Corp., was raised from global institutional investors, and is expected to provide senior debt and equity co-investments across Capitala's family of funds. Capitala Specialty Lending Corp's exclusive focus on senior debt investments is a substantially different strategy than prior Capitala-sponsored funds, which have historically been raised to invest in subordinated and mezzanine debt.
is the investment adviser to the First Investors family of funds, which had more than USD11 billion in total assets under management as of June 30, 2016.
This is the Third Shariah Compliant Fund which has been added to the family of funds offered by the company.
The Burnham Investor Trust family of funds includes Burnham Fund (BURHX Class A shares), Burnham Financial Services Fund (BURKX Class A shares) and Burnham Financial Long/Short Fund (BURFX Class A shares).
NGP, which is part NGP Energy Capital Management LLC, manages USD10.8bn (EUR8.3bn) in a family of funds that invests private equity capital in oil and gas production, midstream, oilfield services and power companies.
Legg Mason was required to advance a distribution to mutual funds owed in a 2005 SEC case against Smith Barney Family of Funds which used Citicorp Trust Bank as a transfer agent.
Legier, Switzerland, February 03, 2011 --( Hope Asset Management SA will continue as the primary investment manager for the Hope Family of Funds, which supports the Hope Foundation, an organization that makes charitable contributions toward the welfare of children on a world-wide basis.
and Burnham Investors Trust for the Burnham Family of Funds.
CityScape Capital Group, LLC, created the CCG Historic Partners Family of Funds to invest in historic tax credit projects throughout the country.
As of early February, 24 outside endowments totaling $1.2 million had been invested within NWACF's family of funds. A 10-year return of 15-16 percent is expected for co-mingled endowments.
Since the Smiths have no children, they invest the maximum allowable amount annually to their 401(k) plans--Larry 18% and Willa 15%--and own GM (NYSE: GM) and Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH) common stock, while gaining steady long-term growth via the Fidelity family of funds. However, their quest for even greater financial security convinced them to take a gamble in 1998 and add more mutual funds and individual stocks to their ultra-conservative array of savings accounts, CDs, and U.S.

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