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Fallout Risk

In mortgages, the risk that a potential borrower (that is, a property buyer) will withdraw from the deal before it is finalized. Banking regulation requires that banks offering a given interest rate hold that rate for 60 days, during which the potential borrower is under no obligation to actually take out the mortgage loan. During that time, the bank usually makes preparations to sell the mortgage as a mortgage-backed security or as some other investment vehicle. If the potential borrower withdraws during those 60 days, the bank is exposed to the risk that it will lose out on the return it could have made from the MBS or other investment vehicle. Fallout risk is also called borrower fallout.


Loan applications that are withdrawn by borrowers, because they have found a better deal or for other reasons.

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The Vegas strip is presented in the unique style of Fallout and contains some fabulous settings, adventures and characters.
Hailed as one of the most anticipated games of 2008, Fallout 3 received a 10 out of 10 review score from Official Xbox Magazine, a result then repeated around the world with perfect scores by some of the industry's most influential and respected critics including: Gamespy, GamePro, UGO, the Associated Press, MSN, The Washington Post, Guardian, FHM, Scripps Howard, G4- TV, The Toronto Star, MSN, and Eurogamer.
You are a dweller of vault 101, a fallout shelter where people came to survive a nuclear world war.
According to the company, sales of Fallout 3 have achieved over USD300m with around 4.
With no traditional coverage for the financial fallout of mold, lenders and investors are now moving towards using new prevention techniques, including mold-specific inspection protocols, new detection devices, and the use of mold-resistant building materials.
ECUSA), that, "It is futile to ask them to apologize for something they continue to believe is right, even though they could not have anticipated the fallout that has resulted.
Prime Minister Tony Blair's health has probably been jeopardised by childhood exposure to radioactive fallout from a British atomic bomb test in the Australian Outback, a doctor said yesterday.
Radioactive fallout from nuclear tests conducted by the United States and Soviet Union in the Northern Hemisphere prior to the 1970s was about 1.
Amid the economic and political fallout that descends when a bubble bursts, it is a valiant central banker who resists the pressure to intervene.
After such a program is there any wonder that the RCIA fallout after one year is 50%?
One Nation Underground: The Fallout S he her in American Culture.
Any person living in the contiguous United States since 1951 has been exposed to radioactive fallout, and all organs and tissues of the body have received some radiation exposure," said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute in a report prepared recently for Congress.