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The challenge now for Murphy and his suddenly-more-famous band " which includes the core members Pat Mahoney on drums and Nancy Whang on keyboards, along with the guitarist Al Doyle " is to transcend the insta-nostalgia of a reunion tour while contending with those sceptical fans who felt betrayed by the Jay-Z-like retirement fakeout. "There was a moment when I was regretting it," Murphy said of the temporary goodbye."But then I was like, no, because now if we're going to play again, we really have to justify it.
Hawley calls his "Massacre at Sioux Falls" opening, with its grainy, black-and-white faux-film fakeout, "a sort of reverse 'Sopranos' ending.
It has a flip-kicking ladder, fakeout trap floor, and opens to reveal Don's Turtle Tech Lab.
Business-owner members sign a code of conduct and gain access to state-approved responsible-server training, The Cops in Shops program (for off-premise establishments) and Operation Fakeout, an on-premise program created by the Alcohol Unit of the Montgomery County Police.
Those signs of recovery that we were seeing last year were a fakeout. They petered out and didn't carry through.
The final shootout and fakeout in Heist isn't just tacked on, it's a gratifying resolution.
In the alternate history of Earth set forth in Meg LeFauve's screenplay, the dinosaurs were not wiped out 65 million years ago by a wayward asteroid--as shown in a sly fakeout of an opening sequence--but instead survived, thrived and developed a remarkably advanced agrarian society, which explains (sort of) how a family of green, long-necked dinosaurs came to own a cornfield and a chicken coop on the banks of a river in what looks like prehistoric Wyoming.
Well into adulthood, but pointedly lacking any kids or long-term relationships of their own, Annie (Kidman) and Baxter (Bateman) are still trying to process the damage wrought by their parents, a pair of celebrated New York performance artists named Caleb (Christopher Walken) and Camille Fang (Maryann Plunkett), who have mastered a brand of socially deviant, flash-mob-style public fakeout. We see many examples of their past work firsthand, including an early sequence of a phony bank robbery in which young Baxter plays stick-'em-up with a teller, father Caleb masquerades as a security guard, and mom Camille is the innocent bystander who gets gunned down, oozing candy blood while daughter Annie howls in agony, though she's really trying not to laugh.
(He literally promises to rob the poor to fatten the rich, and is greeted with cheers.) At other points, the actor provides the point of view in fakeout scenes that pay off like the "Gotcha!" fantasies common in pics by another notable French auteur, Claude Lelouch.
This fakeout is a telling introduction to documaker Andrea Segre's first narrative feature, a thin but attractively opalescent immigrant study, prioritizing exquisite, atmospheric detail over the bigger picture.