Fair game

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Fair game

An investment prospect that has a zero risk premium.
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Fair Game

1. An investment without a risk premium. That is, fair game describes an investment without a higher return for more risk accepted. Thus, an investor may take on higher risk without the possibility of higher return. Risk-averse investors tend to avoid these investments.

2. See: Zero-sum game.
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In Fair Game, she plays real-life CIA agent Valerie Plame, whose world turns upside-down when her covert identity is blown, putting her and her family in mortal danger.
But Lady Warsi told London's Evening Standard newspaper: "There is a small minority of Pakistani men who believe that white girls are fair game.
Fair Game 12A, 107 mins The Resident 15, 91 mins The Company Men 15, 104 mins IT'S seven years since former UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly died after a high-profile appearance before the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to answer questions about the so-called "dodgy dossier" of evidence about weapons of mass destruction.
Roeder said: "The referee has done his best to spoil a competitive but fair game.
Under the new McCarthyism every nuance of private sexual behavior becomes fair game for public scrutiny.
This becomes clear to see after a viewing of Fair Game (15, Warner).
"The test should be relevancy, whether or not their sexual orientation is relevant to the action they are taking." By that standard a major sports figure or an actor playing a gay character on television would be fair game. Mainstream journalists, however, may never be willing to make that leap.
For the catwalk queen has been a flop in her first film, Fair Game.
Mr Hamilton, of Eastleigh, said: "Gay men were regarded as fair game for abuse, bullying and harassment because of their sexuality."
Cindy Crawford had a baptism of fire in the US when she made her movie debut in Fair Game (15).
The spoof may be hurtful but when a city accounts for one in four attacks in the state, it becomes fair game.
But blondes such as Paris Hilton also suffer with 75 per cent saying they were fair game too.