orderly market

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Orderly Market

1. A market in which supply and demand for a product or security are roughly equal. Because of this, orderly markets tend not to be volatile and prices tend to reflect the true value of the product or security. It is possible for orderly markets to exist for some products and securities while volatile markets prevail in others. However, major orderliness or volatility tend to spread into the markets as a whole. See also: Buyer's market, Seller's market, Panic selling.

2. An exchange in which bid prices and ask prices are provided consistently, and in which there are few price fluctuations and no large ones. The presence of an orderly market on an exchange is often due to both diligence on the part of market specialists and the existence of an orderly market in the above sense.

orderly market

A market in which bid and ask prices are continually provided and price changes between transactions are relatively small. It is the specialist's job to maintain an orderly market in assigned securities on the floor of an exchange.
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NASDAQ determined this action is necessary for the protection of investors and the public interest and for the maintenance of a fair and orderly market.
Under the rules of the OTCBB, an issuer must be sponsored by a market maker willing to provide documentation of due diligence to insure that all SEC filing requirements are current and to maintain a fair and orderly market in the opening days of trading.
CVD has, among other things, (i) issued materially misleading press releases; (ii) failed to cooperate with the Exchange in the day to day application of the Exchange's corporate disclosure policies; (iii) failed to safeguard material non- public information concerning corporate developments at CVD and Beta Well; (iv) acted, in concert with others, to "leak" material non-public information to select members of the investment community; and (v) acted, in concert with others, to interfere with the operation of a fair and orderly market by behavior intended to affect the prices of the common stocks of Beta Well, CVD and CVD Financial Corporation.
They help maintain a fair and orderly market for over 650 companies, nine of which are in the Dow Jones Index and 101 in the S&P 500 Index.
The overall consensus was that an AMEX listing would provide our company and its shareholders with the most fair and orderly market in which to trade.
OTCBB: FSTI), today announced comprehensive measures to restore a fair and orderly market in FreeStar's stock.
Prior to that time, a specialist will be assigned who will be responsible for maintaining a fair and orderly market in the shares.
Hemispherx said that it plans to continue to work with the American Stock Exchange in providing a fair and orderly market for Hemispherx's shares.
Securities and Exchange Commission regulation aims to maintain fair and orderly markets and to protect investors by requiring that securities issuers make full and fair disclosure of all material information.
Asbjornson, President and CEO, stated: "We are pleased and proud to support our company, our stockholders and the SEC's aim of facilitating the reopening of fair and orderly markets in this way.
This emergency order, which was issued pursuant to Section 12(k)(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, takes temporary action in order to respond to market developments, and to facilitate the reopening of fair and orderly markets.

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