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FICO Score

A way of measuring an individual's creditworthiness. A FICO score is a quantification of a variety of factors in an individual's background, including a history of default, the current amount of debt, and the length of time that the individual has made purchases on credit. A FICO score ranges between 350 and 850. In general, a score of 650 is considered a "fair" credit score, while 750 or higher is considered "excellent." A FICO score is a convenient way to summarize an individual's credit history and is included in a credit report. The term comes from the Fair Isaac Corporation, which created the system.
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Fair Isaac Company (FICO) score

A credit score, based on the name of the company that wrote the software that calculates the scores.

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Arguing that consumers were unlikely to understand how its FICO scores worked, and concerned about the proprietary nature of its technology, Fair Isaac complained about E-LOAN's actions.
Qualify scores enable marketers to identify and select specific prospects to include in solicitations based on these prospects' likely response to an offer, delinquency risk and overall profitability potential--without reliance on traditional credit bureau scores for prescreening, according to Fair Isaac. The scores, which are powered by data from multiple sources and vendors, enables marketers to cost-effectively solicit prospects without making firm offers of credit or other pre-approved offers.
According to Fair Isaac's data, 15 percent of the country's adult population falls into the thin-file category (that would earn no FICO score), while 10 percent would garner no "hits" whatsoever (again, no FICO score).
That, says Fair Isaac's Zabin, is database marketing's singular appeal: delivering "the right offer to the right person at the right point in time across the right channel."
That still won't make it any easier for software from a vendor like Fair Isaac & Co., to speak to agency management software from VRC Insurance Systems.
"There's a huge need for CRM data integration," says Larry Gulden, a director in Fair Isaac's marketing management group.
Although the credit quality of the pool has decreased from 2017-1, which had the highest weighted average (WA) Fair Isaac Corp.
He also held several management positions at HNC Software Inc and Fair Isaac (NYSE: FICO).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-24 September 2008-American Airlines to purchase Fair Isaac's Xpress-MP suite(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
VantageScore competes with Minneapolis-based Fair Isaac Corporation's mortgage industry standard Classic FICO[R] score, of which there are three slightly different versions with different score algorithms distributed by these three credit bureaus.
The portfolio manager also expects big things for online continuing-education firm the Apollo Group (Nasdaq: APOL), and Fair Isaac & Co.

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