research department

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Research department

The office in an institutional investing organizations that analyzes markets and securities.

Research Department

A department in a brokerage or institutional investor with the task of evaluating securities and other investment vehicles to determine which to recommend to brokers, clients, and other interested parties. The research department develops investment strategies depending on the current and projected future conditions of markets. It may use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or any other technique in performing its duties. See also: Investment adviser, Advisory letter.

research department

The group of individuals in a brokerage firm or institutional investment house that analyzes companies, economic matters, and securities. The research departments in institutional investment houses assist in selecting investments and devising investment strategies. Brokerage firm research departments assist the registered representatives in making customer purchase suggestions.
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You must put your fact checker hat on and question what you see and how its presented.
They stand out among other truth-telling sources for their focus on the most critical and contentious political issues and for their reputations--there are many fibbing politicians who have been stung by a Pinocchio rating from The Fact Checker or a Pants on Fire label from PolitiFact.
While fact checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee initially found the statistic cited by the Trump administration "dubious," she stressed that the claim was "backed by data.
The Archive has partnered with the Reporters' Lab at Duke, The Washington Post's Fact Checker, FactCheck.
But our fact checker wishes to take on the assertion by Naqdi that the American public is unwilling to go to war.
The plant was closed in December 2008, before Obama was sworn in," Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler wrote.
Petersburg Times, and the Washington Post's Fact Checker followed four years later.
THE Journal should really employ a fact checker before printing any pronouncement from the Labour leader of Newcastle City Council, Nick Forbes.
Among the gimmicks that Jackson must eschew are pictures of Pinocchio, which the Washington Post used in its The Fact Checker feature in 2008, or the graphics in the Seattle Times that show the city's iconic Space Needle building with flags that indicate the truthfulness of a statement.
In 1996 Chris Mead came to the Chamber as Editor of the Detroiter and over the years also become known as historian, ghost writer, speech writer, fact checker and expert proofreader.