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We do not need another convicted criminal in government and we certainly don't need the right wing, facism of the BNP.
Around 2,000 members of the far-right EDL came to Birmingham on July 20 for the protest, which sparked a counter demonstration by the Unite Against Facism (UAF).
The night, starting at 7pm,has been set up by the Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Facism (MCARF).
THE Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Facism launches with two great gigs on Thursday night.
The four friends begin passing on vital information in what they believe is a bid to fight facism.
Between 750 and 1,500 extremists are expected to protest between 2pm and 4pm on July 20, with counter-protests from the Unite Against Facism groups.
Rival protests - one by anti-Islamic extremism campaign group the English and Welsh Defence league and the other by the UAF or Unite Against Facism - brought scenes of chaos to Birmingham City Centre two weekends ago and resulted in 33 arrests.
A total of 90 people were arrested on Saturday afternoon as members of anti-Islamic extremist EDL group clashed on the streets with Unite Against Facism (UAF) protestors.
Members of the Birmingham Unite Against Facism protested out the General Teaching Council's investigation into Adam Walker in Victoria Square.
About 70 people from a group calling itself the English Defence League travelled to the city to protest over what they labelled Islamic extremism and a demonstration by about 300 people from the opposing Unite Against Facism.
West Midlands Police have also been told that a counter-demonstration organised by the Unite Against Facism group is also being planned for later the same day.
Unite Against Facism held a rally in Newcastle City Centre on May 29 this year, which coincided with a demonstration by the English Defence League.