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FVO (for valuation only)

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For Valuation Only

Describing a quote for the price of a security in which the price is subject to change. That is, an FVO quote may be a bid or an offer where a potential counterparty may try to extract a better price. Market makers occasionally make FVO quotes for information purposes.
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He said: "We shall be calling on the EU Commission to act on the findings of the latest FVO inspection without delay and impose an immediate ban on imports from Brazilian beef until the Brazilian authorities have satisfied EU officials that they are fully compliant with the rules.
The fourth medal came in the Vets race, where FVO had four teams entered, and Will Hensman, Rona Molloy and Roger Goddard came in 55 seconds up on Ben Stansfield, Kirsty Bryan-Jones and Jon Cross to take the bronze medal.
He also stressed that if the next FVO mission found continued serious lack of implementation he would take immediate action.
Jason's win was one of four for FVO on the final day of the Scottish Spring meet in Fife, which was organised by the Scotland national junior team.
An FVO inspection in June 2006 found problems related to possible levels of histamine in Brazilian fishery products, poor hygiene in fishery production, and questionable approval procedures for Brazilian fishery establishments.
There were four more third place finishes for FVO athletes: Steve Feltbower (96.05 - Black) , Roger Goddard (69.07 - Brown), Rona Molloy (51.19 - Short Blue) and Matthew Inman (21.32 - Yellow) with Roger and Rona's performances bringing wins in the Veteran categories.
While the inspectors from the EU's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) haven't forgotten to highlight "minor deficiencies" here and there, they do recognise the "corrective measures" being taken by the Brazilian health authorities on beef farms, in a report drafted after checks carried out last January and February, released on 29 July(1).
Eblex says, although successful, the last FVO inspection raised concerns over current practice.
The FVO report acknowledges that the regional authorities have drawn up legislation for implementing Regulation 2092/91/EEC and that the national authorities have set up a framework for harmonising both the legislation and inspection activities of the autonomous communities.
The national governing body was looking for a championship race at a distance between sprint and classic lengths and FVO offered to take on the organisation of the event, which was then extended to include the British Student Championship.
"This could, quite rightly, result in the European Commission's veterinary inspectors (FVO) imposing a ban on all Brazilian beef entering the EU after they have completed a crucial inspection tour this autumn.