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FVO (for valuation only)

For Valuation Only

Describing a quote for the price of a security in which the price is subject to change. That is, an FVO quote may be a bid or an offer where a potential counterparty may try to extract a better price. Market makers occasionally make FVO quotes for information purposes.


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That choice may be made independently of the FVO choices the entity has made or will make for its other liabilities.
The low number of waivers and services provided under the FVO means that, in practice, domestic violence victims are not being granted the benefits the FVO offers.
Thus, individual workers' constructions of legitimate domestic violence may affect their willingness to share information about or grant work requirement, child support enforcement, or other types of FVO waivers.
Phase 2 is intended to address the FVO for certain nonfinancial assets and nonfinancial liabilities and the deposit liabilities of depository institutions.
Phase 2 addresses creating an FVO for selected non-financial items.
Forty-eight states have adopted the FVO or a comparable state policy.
FVOs such as epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) and epoxidized linseed oil (ELO) are now commercially available in large volume for applications such as coatings and plasticizer additives.
When it was decided in 1993 that the FVO should be located in Ireland the government was meant to pick a town to accommodate the centre.
The FVO confiscated more than 65 tonnes of flour from the mill, but FOV director, Hans Wyss, said "the extent of the problem could not be determined.
According to AES, the TPE has a self-cleaning effect, and it is the first product used in this application to pass the stringent FVO flammability test, as well as the 1994 and 1996 tracking-wheel tests, two measures of insulator performance in pollution and salt-spray conditions.
Balbo dedico 12 anos y US$3,3 millones antes de poder vender el primer kilo de azucar 100% organica, certificada FVO.
The certification by FVO brought immediate reaction from the Organic Trade Association's Organic Certifiers Council (OCC), which said that any new products that do not comply with AOS standards must be approved first by the OCC before going into the marketplace.