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We do have data on primary school attended, but these do not reveal the FSM status of the child.
Estos trabajos son muy valiosos, pero no dan cuenta de la participacion colectiva, un tipo de participacion de crucial importancia si se tiene en cuenta que el FSM se ha entendido como una gran coalicion de movimientos y organizaciones sociales, y el conflicto y la heterogeneidad se han manifestado en este nivel.
Cynffig Comprehensive School, Kenfig Hill, Bridgend The percentage of pupils eligible for FSM at Cynffig was 31.
Estyn said standards at the school were "well above expectations" and the 41% of pupils eligible for FSM achieved "remarkably high standards" when compared with national averages.
government agencies that work regularly with the FSM, from the Centers for Disease Control to the Federal Aviation Administration, and even the FDIC.
The FSM is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and the adverse effects of climate change.
On May 15, FSM reported that serum samples collected from two persons with fever and rash had tested positive for measles-specific immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies.
I'm very excited to be a part of FSM to give the world a taste of the growing underground Electronic scene here in Vancouver and help showcase some incredible Canadian talent," says Kasey Riot, Electro/Tech-House DJ and Producer from Vancouver.
Le FSM, pendant alter-mondialiste au Forum economique mondial de Davos qui reunit le gotha politique et economique dans une station de ski huppee des Alpes suisses, se tient pour la troisieme fois en Afrique (Nairobi en 2007, Dakar en 2011) mais c'est la premiere fois qu'il a lieu dans un pays arabe.
The number of children on FSM at Holyhead is three times the national average, and Mr Bayliss said any changes would be "especially worrying" for inner-city schools.
Roxar is a leading supplier of internal corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions, with probably the most extensive product range comprising intrusive sensors and the non-intrusive FSM technology, for applications subsea as well as for topside/ land based applications.
The premium is also being extended to include any child who was eligible for FSM for the last six years.