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Observa-se que as parcelas que apresentavam solo descoberto (tratamento E), aumentaram constantemente os teores de FRT disponibilizados, ao longo das chuvas, evento que pode ser explicado pelo excesso de chuvas nas fases iniciais do experimento, fora do momento das coletas,o que teria "lavado" o fosforo reativo desses locais.
For untreated adult FRT samples, oviducts (pair), uterus, cervix, and vagina collected from one mouse per biological replicate.
FRT affiliate real estate agents are required to remain proactive within the OMS system and fully engage with the response team throughout the short-sale process.
FRT range was measured before and immediately after the instruction and practice session.
2) If we look at the more established print journals in the table, however, we can see that the FRT in economics journals is generally between 3 and 6 months.
Whether as a result of this criticism or as a means to attract authors, many journals try to reduce their FRT and promise the prospective author an efficient review process.
The article argues that the current FRT may be below optimal, so that efforts to reduce it are counterproductive, even though I claim that reducing the FRT will not harm the quality of the review process.
That's bad enough, but the real problems will occur if FRT ever does start working as promised.
The Pulte award, which the judge inexplicably set aside pending appeal, is more than 13 times greater than the only other FRT decision ever handed down, a 1990 order requiring The Anden Group to spend $460,000 fixing a Falls Church, Va.
Compared to other laboratory tests such as hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and sulphide stress cracking (SSC), the FRT simulates more realistic field or service conditions for evaluating material resistance to these corrosion phenomena in wet sour service.
The FRT chemicals react with the wood during cyclical changes in temperature and humidity causing changes in pH such that the wood becomes brittle.