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The global flat panel detector (FPD) market has been segmented by portability, application, and end user.
After that, the teeth were prepared and a ceramic FPD from #11 to #22 was fabricated (Fig 5).
Every week 50 randomly selected broilers were measured on body weights (BW) and assessed on the presence and severity on FPD. Evaluation of FPD was carried out on both, the right and the left footpad of each individual bird.
Feelings of pleasure/displeasure (FPD) were assessed with the use of the Feeling Scale (10), which consisted of a 11-point bipolar scale that ranged from +5 ("very good") to -5 ("very bad") with anchors at all odd integers and at the zero point (neutral).
So we provided no evidence of association of HTRA2 with FET and FPD. As for ET-PD, the result of our study was not so convincing due to the sample size though we found nothing significant as well.
Toshiba's Ultimax-i FPD system is designed to efficiently use the space providers have to safely diagnose and treat all patients, without the need for major renovation.
M = fPD [alpha] + [beta]/2 2(sin [alpha] + sin [beta]) - ([alpha] + [beta])(cos [alpha] + cos [beta])/2 - 2cos([alpha] + [beta]) - ([alpha] + [beta]) sin ([alpha] + [beta]).
Significant increase in the demand of flat Panel displays is attributed to high definition image quality offered by various FPDs, reduction in prices of LCDs and plasma displays.
The Office of Secretary of Defense subsequently sponsored the FPD Program based on the findings of the Commission.
Due to their larger display area and comparatively higher unit prices, LCD TV panels accounted for a majority of FPD revenues since 2006, but over the past three years, the market for mobile devices has expanded.