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Free on board (FOB)

Implies that distribution services like transport and handling performed on goods up to the customs frontier (of the economy from which the goods are classed as merchandise) are included in the price.

Free On Board

In maritime international commerce, an agreement between a seller and a buyer indicating that the seller has fulfilled his/her obligation to deliver a good when he/she has transferred it to the ship on which it will be transported. All cost and risk transfers to the buyer when the good crosses the ship's rail. The buyer designates the ship onto which the seller must deliver the good. See also: United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Incoterm.



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Wouters gave a presentation showing the new fob was better than the first one, but with twice the amount of resources, it was still possible to come up with a copy.
Essentially there were two--the battalion commander, who was the FOB commander; and the brigade commander, who also resided on the FOB.
Physical Interface (3) (Button, Touch, etc.) Class Immobilizer Battlery/ Remote Remote Accessories (1) Recharge (2) Start Entry Basic x - - - - RKE (std.) x x/ x - - RKE (ext.) x x/x x - x PE (std.) x x/x x x x PE (ext.) x x/x x x x Class Passive Personalization Settings Time/Data Logging (Entry/Go) In Fob (4) Basic - x x RKE (std.) - x RKE (ext.) - x x PE (std.) x/x x PE (ext.) x/x x x (1) Immobilizer support includes secure fob and vehicle authentication via the LF Field using an integrated LF transponder.
Recently the Mumbai Railway Passengers Association asked both Western and Central railways to repair and maintain all FOBs, including those built by the BMC.
Getting to FOB Leopard confronts the visitor with a classic third-world conundrum.
I gave the service guy my key and my single key fob, and confirmed that I needed another key fob and floor mats.
We had two options for building our FOBs. The first option was to move in with the indigenous population (usually mud hut police stations or government buildings).
Keeping a property safe is central to quality property management, and implementing controlled access cards or key fobs certainly heightens security.
Located in an austere environment, Butler Range lacked almost all of the conveniences that other FOBs enjoyed.