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PepsiCo will continue to report segments as FLNA; Latin America; QFNA; NAB; Europe Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA); and Asia, Middle East and North Africa (AMENA), consistent with current practice.
3) UNITA (Union for the Total Liberation of Angola) was formed in 1966 by the foreign minister of FLNA, Jonas Savimbi.
Genetic sequencing analysis revealed a frameshift mutation (c.7539_7540insA) at exon 46 in FLNA gene, which was found in three patients (I 2, II 1, and II 3) of this family [Figure 1]d, but was not found in her healthy family members and the 110 unrelated normal controls [Figure 1]e.
The proband's elder sister (II 1) was thought to be a subclinical PNH patient due to positive family history, FLNA mutation, and multiple miscarriages.
Of note, mutations in FLNA (28%), SETD2 (21%), and KMT2 (9%) were observed only in PT, suggesting a role in driving PT development.
No differences in [C.sub.3] proportion were observed between control and LNA treatments or between M-LNA and FLNA treatments.
As part of the plan PepsiCo expanded its Frito-Lay operating structure from the current two divisions -- Frito-Lay North America (FLNA) and Frito-Lay International (FLI) -- by establishing two new companies -- Frito-Lay Europe/Middle East/Africa and Frito-Lay Latin America/Asia Pacific/Australia.
miRNA ID Target genes miR-26a TAB2, NLK, MEF2C, PAK1 miR-10b MAX, MEF2C, RAP1A let-7a-5p FLNA, NGF, FAS, MEF2C, CASP3, RASGRP1 let-7f FLNA, NGF, FAS, MEF2C, CASP3, RASGRP1 let-7i FLNA, NGF, FAS, MEF2C, CASP3, RASGRP1 miR-27b EGFR, TAB2, NLK, NF1, FAS, STMN1, MEF2C, GRB2 miR-191 BDNF Table 4: Target genes regulated by differentially expressed miRNAs in TGF-[beta] signaling pathway miRNA ID Target genes miR-708 THBS1 miR-21-3p TGIF1, SP1 miR-409a PITX2, BMPR2 miR-335 DCN, FST, THBS1, RBL1, ACVR2A, LTBP1, BMPR2 miR-224 SMAD4, LTBP1, BMPR2 miR-214 CHRD, ACVR2A Table 5: The top 5 GO terms enriched by the pivotal miRNAs.
(50) S100A8, S100A9, CALM, ACTN4, FLNA, SPTAN1, ANAXA2, and DSP are calciumbinding proteins associated with poor prognosis in this study.