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This is the daily number of shares of a security that change hands between a buyer and a seller. Also known as volume traded. Also see Up volume and Down volume.


The amount of trading sustained in a security or in the entire market during a given period. Especially heavy volume may indicate that important news has just been announced or is expected. See also average daily volume.


Volume is the number of shares traded in a company's stock or in an entire market over a specified period, typically a day.

Unusual market activity, either higher or lower than average, is typically the result of some external event. But unusual activity in an individual stock reflects new information about that stock or the stock's sector.

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FEV also is a global supplier of advanced test cell, instrumentation and test equipment.
While FEV is well known for its engine research and alternative propulsion systems, it also offers complete simulation and rapid prototyping services.
Our goal in exhibiting this breakthrough vehicle is to demonstrate that electric vehicle technology is a viable solution for a variety of vehicle platforms," said Gary Rogers, president and CEO of FEV.
The Gateway will be demonstrated as an enabler for the implementation of convenience and comfort features throughout the vehicle, such as a "smart seat" application that will be featured in the FEV exhibit.
FEV Engine Technology is part of the worldwide FEV Group, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with technical centers located in Aachen, Auburn Hills, Michigan and Dalian, China.
Stefan Pischinger, president and CEO of the FEV Group, "but our continuing international expansion will also benefit from D2T's global subsidiaries.
FEV has previously supported this undisclosed OEM as an engine, powertrain and vehicle developer, and system integrator.
Marquard to our Board, we gain expertise that will strengthen the global expansion of FEV," said Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of FEV Group Holding GmbH.
For 30 years, the world's leading automakers have relied on FEV as a preferred engine, powertrain and vehicle developer, and system integrator.
May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, FEV North America, Inc.
A senior industry leader, Talwar brings deep industry know-how to FEV that will further enhance the customer focus in FEV's daily project work.