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Futures Commission Merchant

A broker or brokerage on a futures exchange. A futures commission merchant receives and executes orders on behalf of clients and extends credit for margin transactions. It is also called a commodity broker.
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Futures Commission Merchant (FCM).

A futures commission merchant (FCM) is a person or a firm that acts as an agent to execute buy or sell orders for futures contracts or commodity options.

You may open an account directly with an FCM or place your orders through an introducing broker or commodity trading adviser.

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By acquiring the RCG FCM business, which is expected to complete in January 2019, Marex Spectron will maintain the RCG name and brand, gain 14,000 client accounts and balances, 150 associated staff and the Chicago headquarters.
[18] proposed a local correntropy space constrained FCM (LCFCMS) and its simplified model (LCFCMS1).
Fourteen of these 30 patients received Darbepoetin alfa (EPO) during the first period of iron repletion with IP while 18 of these patients received EPO during FCM therapy.
This is of particular concern for FCM fuel, which has a very low uranium density.
(a) The combination of PSO and SVR is employed to optimize FCM parameters for the first time.
FCM is a cloud-based messaging service that allows third party developers to send push messages to their applications on user devices.
This material should be construed as market commentary, merely observing economic, political and/or market conditions, and not intended to refer to any particular trading strategy, promotional element or quality of service provided by the FCM Division of INTL FCStone Financial Inc.
According to them, confusion arose with the existence of Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) and Forward Charge (FCM) in GST system.