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Futures Commission Merchant

A broker or brokerage on a futures exchange. A futures commission merchant receives and executes orders on behalf of clients and extends credit for margin transactions. It is also called a commodity broker.


Futures Commission Merchant (FCM).

A futures commission merchant (FCM) is a person or a firm that acts as an agent to execute buy or sell orders for futures contracts or commodity options.

You may open an account directly with an FCM or place your orders through an introducing broker or commodity trading adviser.

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Long-term, the FCM plans to create an academy that will organise events and lectures on federal issues, with guests and members as speakers.
For the qualitative inquiry, PRC leadership identified 28 staff to serve as key informants on the FCM within their team.
Because the DoD has significant responsibilities regarding FCM events, judge advocates should be cognizant of this mission and its implications for future operations.
The FCM system assists safe vehicle operation in poor forward visibility conditions such as at night, in rain or in fog.
The cost function of FCM is the generalized equation of (1):
At the meeting, Ceschi-Smith urged the county to renew its FCM membership.
As the primary interlocutor or broker attempting to establish a bridge between federal intentions and local government needs and means, FCM plays a central role in the aggregation, definition, articulation and advocacy of local government issues at the federal level.
2] variable values is more adequate for FCM then the other combinations.
Muehlbauer Technology Group has introduced the FCM 20000, a fully automated high speed system designed to meet the demands of chip manufacturers or strap users in mass production with a maximum throughput of up to 20,000 UPH.
Jon Wainwright, who runs The Meat, Cheese & Drinks Company from a stall at Brent Cross shopping centre in north London, left FCM last year.
It gives a framework to use in approaching analysis of FCM, including pitfalls, general aspects of analysis and interpretation and an overview of immunologic markers currently in use in the FCM lab, practical aspects that can affect analysis and interpretation ranging from sample staining to fluorochrome conjugation and approach to DNA data, FCM analysis on early homogeneous samples (such as the influence of fluorescence dynamic range and aberrant beta-cell profiles) and on heterogeneous samples (such as abnormal plasma cells, increased cosinophils and coexisting malignancies), and FCM interpretation and reporting, covering a full range of findings.
Three bids were received, including FCM and neighbourhood services, and after evaluating price, quality and choice, officials recommended that FCM was selected as the preferred supplier.