FAX machine

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FAX (Facsimile) machine

a machine capable of transmitting a copy of a document over a telephone link.
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Your typical fax machine is not as complicated or intimidating as other technologies.
While that's "nowhere close to what sales used to be" during the heyday of the early and mid-1990s, said Barry Simon, president of DataMax/Micro of Little Rock, it's still pretty remarkable for a technology that has been around since Alexander Bain developed the first fax machine for the telegraph back in 1843.
com) to download a listing of all pricing information for available long-distance companies onto a chip embedded in the fax machine.
Dataquest's study found that Sharp experienced the strongest growth in marketshare, at 39 percent in the business fax machine market.
This is the first time Panasonic has joined a fax machine and a 900MHz cordless telephone," said Frank Lasorsa, national marketing manager for Panasonic fax machines.
One solution is to use the fax machine to call the source and "pull" the information from it.
His clients include AlloyFax, "bringing the world of metals information to your fax machine," by Alloy Tech, Inc.
He estimates that the industry sustained a five- to seven-per-cent erosion in demand as a result of the fax machine, a loss that was felt primarily by the 'same-day' or in-town messenger services.
Before purchasing a fax machine, a buyer should check if most of the office's transmissions are going to slow machines.
At least it does on our fax machine, which I suspect is pretty normal.
Many universities and schools installed their first fax machine in the athletics department.