Food and Agriculture Organization

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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

an international agency of the UNITED NATIONS, established in 1945. Its primary objective is to improve agricultural productivity and hence the nutritional standards of agrarian countries throughout the world. It achieves this objective through undertaking research on all aspects of farming, fishing and forestry, and by offering technical assistance to those countries that require it. In addition, the FAO continually surveys world agricultural conditions, collects and issues statistics on human nutritional requirements and statistics on farming, fishing, forestry and related topics.


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Japan places importance on the work of FAO being the leading UN specialized agency in the field of food and agriculture, and, as the second largest contributor of FAOs assessed contributions, has been working to strengthen its relationship with FAO.
The FAO said the Philippines was among the 34 nations that founded FAO in October of 1945 'to ensure humanity's freedom from hunger, increase levels of nutrition, improve the condition of rural populations and contribute toward an expanding world economy.
The FAO Cereal Price Index registered a small rise in November, led by a 1.
Iran's agriculture minister also recalled that 19 joint projects are being implemented with FAO in various sectors, including fisheries, oilseeds, forest, technology as well as veterinary.
The DG also apprised the Prime Minister regarding various ongoing projects of FAO in various parts of Pakistan.
The FAO will give farmers seeds, seedlings, fertilisers and materials needed to repair on-farm infrastructure.
The FAO officials will visit Date Palm Oases in Al Ain today (Tuesday), including a farm that has around 50,000 date palm trees.
Held on the theme "African Youth in Agricultural and Rural Development," the FAO Regional Conference took place on March 24-27, with attendance of representatives from 51 African countries.
Mujawar indicated to the projects implemented by the FAO in Yemen and the technical and consultative assistances offered in many different areas in the sectors of agriculture and fish.
Evanshas has recently arrived in Pakistan as the new FAO Representative.
The minister recalled that Armenia joined FAO in 1993.
The FAO predicts the disease is likely to spread to other areas if not prevented and contained with vaccination and treatment programmes.