extraordinary gain

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Extraordinary Gain

Non-recurring, non-operating profit in a given fiscal year. Publicly-traded companies must include extraordinary gains (and extraordinary losses) on their annual and quarterly reports; they are usually explained separately so as not to detract from the companies' usual gains and losses. One of the most common extraordinary gains a company may report is the sale of a subsidiary or stake in another company for an amount greater than the asset value carried on the company's balance sheet.
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extraordinary gain

Income from an unusual, infrequently occurring event or transaction. For example, a firm might sell a subsidiary at a price significantly higher than the value at which that subsidiary's assets are carried on the firm's balance sheet. An extraordinary gain is reported separately from regular income to emphasize the fact that it is nonrecurring.
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Profit attributable to owners of the parent company rose to JPY391.0 billion from JPY315.0 billion, which Mitsubishi UFJ said was "mainly due to an improvement in net periodic cost of retirement benefits", as well as a rise in extraordinary gains on sales of equity.
Last year, for instance, it booked P5.8 billion in extraordinary gains from asset sales.
Meanwhile, MPIC's non-recurring income, or extraordinary gains, hit P341 million compared with P21 million in the comparable period last year due to foreign exchange gains at Manila Electric Company.
'Our commitment has always been Ebitda.That's the underlying operational performance, so you take out extraordinary gains or losses.
On a full year basis, net income amounted to P18.0 billion, a 4 percent decline from 2013, which included extraordinary gains from securities trading.
3 search engine, reported third-quarter net income that blasted past estimates in part because of extraordinary gains from selling its investment in China's Alibaba Group.
The guidance in APB Opinion 30 allowed companies and auditors to subjectively determine whether underlying events should be reported as extraordinary gains or losses.
However, first-quarter results in 2010 were bolstered by extraordinary gains associated with FDIC-assisted acquisitions in Florida: Old Southern Bank of Orlando and Key West Bank.
The bank said in a filing to the local stock market regulator the deterioration was due to the lack of extraordinary gains. The lender, which holds minority interests in steel, IT, security services and online advertising firms, said the divestment of its holding in power utility Union Fenosa gave a boost to its first-quarter 2009 financial results.
Index heavyweight Zain surged on extraordinary gains of 40.7 per cent.
Among the lowest performing schools, how many remained stuck, how many made extraordinary gains, and how many fell somewhere in between?

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