special dividend

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Special dividend

Also referred to as an extra dividend. Dividend that is unlikely to be repeated.
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Special Dividend

A non-recurring dividend that a company may choose to distribute to shareholders after a particularly profitable period. A company may also choose to distribute special dividends if it wishes to restructure its financing from equity-based to debt-based. In general, however, one may think of a special dividend as a "bonus" for shareholders in good times. It is also called an extra dividend or a bonus dividend.
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special dividend

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In 2017, Arcers generated EUR 59.194 million in turnover, and earned EUR 4.141 million in profit, but paid extraordinary dividends worth EUR 3 million.
Alliance Vice President Lenore Marema explained that many alliance member companies are part of an insurance holding company systems, and therefore have an interest in the NAIC's Model Holding Company Regulation and the proposed amendment on extraordinary dividends. A major concern centers on a drafting note which suggests that states should evaluate ordinary dividends for potential regulatory disapproval.
The inducement award will be adjusted to reflect the effects of any spin-off transactions, extraordinary dividends or changes in capital structure that do not result in receipt of reciprocal value by the company.
Extraordinary Dividend Payment: Redexis has paid EUR220 million extraordinary dividends to its current shareholders.
The deal, subject to approvals, will be closed for a price of $490 million net with a probable distribution of extraordinary dividends of $140 million.
Moreover, they may have preferred the proposed operation to the no payout alternative, as nonvoting shareholders had no voice in proposing and approving standard extraordinary dividends, and cash could have been reinvested in value-destroying acquisitions (Dittman, Maug, and Schneider, 2008).
However, if plan sponsors pay compensation exceeding $1 million to any employee (including nonqualified deferred compensation amounts set aside or reserved in a trust or other arrangement) or pay extraordinary dividends or stock redemptions during the relief period, they must increase pension installment contributions by the excess amount of the dividends or redemptions.
Together with the Eesti Telekom shares from the Development Fund, the state would get just over 4 billion kroons from the sale, extraordinary dividends and income tax on dividends.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol plans to pay extraordinary dividends of up to EUR1 billion euros (USD$1.6 billion) in 2008 and 2009 while maintaining an A credit rating, it said on Monday.
Efforts taken to promote a positive work climate can pay extraordinary dividends.

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