special dividend

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Special dividend

Also referred to as an extra dividend. Dividend that is unlikely to be repeated.
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Special Dividend

A non-recurring dividend that a company may choose to distribute to shareholders after a particularly profitable period. A company may also choose to distribute special dividends if it wishes to restructure its financing from equity-based to debt-based. In general, however, one may think of a special dividend as a "bonus" for shareholders in good times. It is also called an extra dividend or a bonus dividend.
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special dividend

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Global Banking News-February 5, 2019-Lazard announces regular and extra dividends totalling USD0.94 per share
The latest dividend equals about 2.5 months of extra dividends.
If Cigna, Humana or both end up getting deal breakup cash, the cash could be used for purposes such as paying extra dividends to shareholders, improving health coverage value -- or making acquisitions.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 16, 2016-Chicago Rivet & Machine Co announces regular and extra dividends
For some, the fact the dividend will not need to be grossed up may be beneficial and it may be advantageous to pay extra dividends in the current tax year but do the calculations first.
The transaction, which was previously facing opposition from the targeta[euro](tm)s minority shareholders Arrowgrass Capital Partners and CR Intrinsic Investors LLC, managed to secure a majority of the votes after on Monday FCX and Plains unveiled plans to pay extra dividends to shareholders of USD1.00 (EUR0.78) and USD3.00 per share respectively.
Their combined take in extra dividends this year is more than $148 million, on which they will pay taxes of about $22.2 million.
As a result, we do not expect extra dividends from either Eastern RAO or DEK.
In June, CEO Sechin said Rosneft would pay extra dividends for 2011 in addition to the earlier declared Rld3.45 ($0.11) per share, to bring the pay-out ratio to 25% of net profit.
The dividend per share to voting shareholders, [DPS.sub.V], can be easily determined by subtracting from TD the total extra dividends granted to nonvoting shares ([PRIV.sub.2] x PAR x [N.sub.NV]) and dividing the remaining amount by the overall number of shares ([N.sub.V]+ [N.sub.NV]).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-June 16, 2011--Norwegian DnB NOR not to pay extra dividends, official says(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com