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An active asset management strategy that tactically overweighted and underweighted certain sectors, depending on expected performance. Sometimes called sector rotation.
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Sector Rotation

An investment strategy in which a portfolio overweights or underweights certain sectors in accordance with expected performance. Sector rotation is a form of active investment management; the portfolio manager observes market trends and alters the composition of the portfolio in order to earn the highest possible return. Sector rotation is fairly high risk, as a portfolio's systematic overweighting and underweighting means that is not efficiently diversified. See also: Markowitz portfolio theory.
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* Maintain a high level of suspicion for syndesmotic injury in any athlete describing an external rotation or hyper-dorsiflexion ankle injury.
Comfort and acceptability of various immobilization positions using a shoulder external rotation and abduction brace.
The medial epicondyle vertical line lies approximately 1 centimeter medial to the biceps groove when the shoulder is in the neutral position and about 2 centimeters when shoulder is at 45[degrees] of external rotation. The coracoid process landmark lies approximately 4.4 centimeters when the shoulder is in the neutral position, about 6.2 centimeters when the shoulder is at 45[degrees] of external rotation.
The mechanisms most commonly associated with injury to the PLC include posterolateral forces to the anteromedial thigh, contact and non-contact hyperextension, a valgus force to a flexed knee, and severe tibial external rotation with a flexed knee.
The difference between objective and subjective evaluations of the results of shoulder hemiarthroplasty is explained by the fact that the resulting range of motion after surgery is sufficient for normal activities of daily living because the majority of the activities are carried out at the level of scapula with the abduction of 80 to 90[degrees] and external rotation, while the smallest number of activities is performed at maximum abduction and flexion (180[degrees]) [20].
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In addition the participants performed general shoulder exercises consisting of flexion, abduction stretches, cross over arm stretches, internal and external rotation stretches with and without towel and Codman pendulum exercises.
The mechanics of an overhead stroke or serve in racquet sports are similar to that of an overhead throw (4), wherein the shoulder has to be lax enough to allow the extra degrees of external rotation necessary for an adequate serve and at the same time has to be stable enough to prevent any subluxations.
The instability of the syndesmosis was identified on the basis of the injury mechanism, the fracture pattern, and the external rotation stress test.
There are seven chapters: transformation of flow power, collinear wind turbines, orthogonal wind units, ordinary orthogonal windmills, largest open wind turbines on ground or sea, units without external rotation, and high jet power stations.
The LHB tendon provides anterior stability of the glenohumeral joint by increasing the resistance to torsional forces in an abducted, externally rotated position in the late-cocking phase [6], while also serving as an important restraint to external rotation in this position [8].

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