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This was followed by a detailed study of the standard exposure draft by the Shari'ah Board, with discussions over a lapse of 35 hours during five working days.
In one of his letters to the FASB, Sherman wrote: "To my knowledge, virtually all the members of Congress aware of your Exposure Draft have urged you not to adopt it.
The proposals are set out in the exposure draft Income Tax which is open for comment until July 31, 2009.
Through the testing, the IASB seeks to assess the scope, impact and burden of the proposed IFRS for SMEs worldwide, and will help to identify aspects of the exposure draft that may need reconsideration.
As a result, the exposure draft offers a workable, self-contained set of accounting standards that would allow investors for the first time to compare SMEs' financial performance across international boundaries on a like-for-like basis.
FASB staff has analyzed those issues and expects to bring them to FASB's board in January 2007, enabling each board to issue due Exposure Drafts or final Statements (FASB-only) later this year.
Among them are an exposure draft (ED) on communicating internal control deficiencies noted during an audit, a companion ED on examining the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting and guidance on auditor reports and compliance auditing considerations related to government entities.
The exposure draft adopts the most conservative approach, by requiring that each tax position be evaluated as to its likelihood of being sustained.
Boyle explained that while supporting the FASB's goals of improving consistency and comparability of financial reporting, TEI does not believe the exposure draft should be adopted.
The Exposure Draft on Proposed Modifications to the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria is the fifth such draft issued in a series of pending changes to the Criteria.
Constituent participation occurs during the exposure draft stage.