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These innovations can then be evaluated by comparing expost average cost per capita against ex ante per capita costs predicted by the models.
The statute, being civil in purpose and effect, does not offend the expost facto clauses."
Rolling, too, took the view that certain charges at Tokyo were applied in an expost facto manner, singing out in particular the law concerning the waging of an aggressive war.
But this assumes a relatively simple bargaining process; for even if exogenously set profit-sharing criteria are established a priori, if there is a wide divergence in referrals expost, physicians face incentives to renegotiate the profit-sharing scheme.
When Tammany Hall is finally breached by a New York Times expost of the magnitude of the take, and Tiveed flees, he is last seen by a Cuban fisherman who reports that he was babbling about being the god of the city where "they have learned the secret of eternal life."
If the premium increases come in at a higher rate that is inconsistent with the budget that has been assigned that health alliance, that health alliance then has the authority to assess the providers a proportionate expost tax that would be sufficient to offset the excess premiums.
The study adopted the descriptive survey research design of the expost facto type.
(6) The results obtained with two-part tariffs are analogous to the ones that were obtained with linear pricing: with expost licensing the technology of the stand-alone upstream firm is excluded from the standard, and for ex-post licensing to be preferred by SSO members to ex-ante licensing it is necessary that the rents that the vertically integrated firm [V.sub.1] can extract in the ex-ante licensing regime are sufficiently small.
donde [P.sup.*.sub.t] es el precio expost racional y [P.sub.t] es el precio observado, r es el factor de descuento y [[epsilon].sub.t] es la diferencia entre los dividendos esperados y los observados.
Lo que se analiza en ese caso mediante la evaluacion expost es el impacto de los programas de politica publica de los Fondos Estructurales sobre el desarrollo socioeconomico de una region (Basle, 2006).