Export management company

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Export management company

A foreign or domestic company that acts as a sales agent and distributor for domestic exporters in international markets.
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Export Trading Company

A company that supervises the exportation process for clients. Often, there are legal requirements that must be filled before a country allows its goods to be exported; export trading companies navigate these requirements and regulations. They operate like an export division for a company that does not have an export division. They may be local or foreign; sometimes they even operate in the country that imports the goods. They charge either a fee or a commission for their services. They are also called export management companies.
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This blurring of traditional roles often results in the interchangeable use of the terms export management company and export trading company.
TRA'S additions of a west coast stocking distributor and an export management company were essential to respond to the growing and widespread interest in TRA'S solvent-free coatings, according to the company.
Export Management Company Sales and Marketing organizations specializing in all aspects of international sales.
Chapter five, "Organizing for Exports," explains two sensible ways to get involved in exporting: as an export agent or export management company.
An export management company partially or totally replaces a producer's own export department.

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