Export Trading Company

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Export Trading Company (ETC)

A company serving as the export department of other firms. They usually take title, risk and responsibility for the goods they export.

Export Trading Company

A company that supervises the exportation process for clients. Often, there are legal requirements that must be filled before a country allows its goods to be exported; export trading companies navigate these requirements and regulations. They operate like an export division for a company that does not have an export division. They may be local or foreign; sometimes they even operate in the country that imports the goods. They charge either a fee or a commission for their services. They are also called export management companies.
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The TPO chief noted that export management companies play a very significant role in increasing exports and need greater support from the government.
Treumann's new responsibilities will include serving the needs of Latin American equipment dealers and export management companies.
The Federation of International Trade Associations offers a directory of export management companies at www.
Single engagement consultants and export management companies.
The marketing department prepares orders for the export management companies including invoices, bills of lading, and certificates of origin for sales to Canada and Mexico.
Agents include export management companies, manufacturers' export brokers, and resident buyers.
The use of export management companies who are similar to export buying organisations in the UK are described.
Export management companies (EMCs) and export trading companies (ETCs) are the two types of organizations typically used by U.
The main kinds of sales intermediaries are import agents, commission agents, export agents, export management companies, group buyers and international trading companies.
Middlemen options include: export management companies that manage export sales of manufacturers; export trading firms that buy and sell products anywhere; foreign firms and governmental offices that purchase U.

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