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Argaam earlier reported that Tadawul-listed Najran Cement obtained in February the first cement export license to reduce its stockpiles, which had built up to some 3 million tonnes.
After months of damning the United States for holding up the sales of planes to Iran by not approving a Treasury export license, Iran this week admitted that no sales can yet go through because Iran Air hasn't yet negotiated the contracts.
Freeport Indonesia, US-based mining company will obtain a recommendation letter to sanction a five-month concentrate export license until January 11, 2017.
I write directly to you as I am aware that you hold our company and its products in very high regard and hope that you could possibly oversee the revisiting of the Export License, with a view to consulting with SMD senior staff to try and overcome the difficulties, which I am led to believe are not impassable with some careful negotiation and technical changes.
org/) AP said China's Ministry of Commerce recently issued a new set of guidelines for 2015 which stated that "rare earths will require an export license but the amount that can be sold abroad will no longer be covered by a quota.
CybAero applied on September 30 for an export license for the first 20 systems.
Commerce should (1) assess issuance of specialty occupation visas covered by deemed export license applications and (2) report to Congress on how it will implement prior deemed export recommendations as part of the export control reform process.
The rental of Russian planes is an alternative solution in case the US administration doesn't provide the export license for 14 Airbus planes.
are joint owners of the Nikiski LNG terminal, exporting Cook Inlet gas to Japan under a federal export license due to expire in 2009.
Getting an export license for a technologically sensitive item is still a nightmare, particularly to China.
The study said that at least two government contractors and a university granted foreign nationals access to unclassified export-controlled technology without an export license or other authorized approval or exemption.
There has been speculation that this may be so the owner can concentrate on winning an export license for the Clive of India treasures sold in April--although an auction-house source told APOLLO that it would be difficult in the current political climate for a museum to claim such Indian heritage as truly British.

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