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An export levy incentivises foreign investors, particularly in the extractive and industrial sectors, to increase the value chain in the country of origin, in this case, Namibia.
The Minister of Finance is expected to table the Export Levy bill in Parliament within the next few months.
He explained that the placement of the environmental levy and the export levy on raw materials were both predictable.
The proposed export levy on unprocessed minerals is under attack again, this time from Shaw River, an Australian manganese-focused mineral exploration company that holds a 75% stake in the Otjozondu Manganese project.
Other proposed changes to the tax regime included a 15% value added tax (VAT) on exports, as well as imposing a 5% export levy.
The disputed export levy on unprocessed mineral resources will soon become a reality, the Economist has established.
According to Mostert, apart from the Fukushima disaster and its consequent impact on the uranium spot price, the Namibian uranium exploration mines were also adversely impacted by the Ministry of Finance's proposed amendments to the tax laws and introduction of an export levy.
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