Expected rate of inflation

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Expected rate of inflation

The public's expectations for inflation. These expectations determine how large an effect a given policy action by the Fed will have on economic activity.

Expected Rate of Inflation

Investor and public expectations of current or future inflation. These expectations may or may not be rational, but they may affect how the market reacts to changes in target interest rates. For example, the market usually responds well to a cut in interest rates, but if investors expect inflation to go higher in the near future and the Federal Reserve cuts rates, the market may not react positively.
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He added that the expected rates of inflation are appropriate in the light of the stabilisation of real estate prices at acceptable rates compared to previous years, noting that the inflation is not expected to rise above the expected percentage except in cases of emergency rise of the global commodity prices, which will have repercussions on the domestic market.
The expected rates of inflation in the two areas are expected to converge with U.
Lars Jonung, "Perceived and Expected Rates of Inflation in Sweden," American Economic Review, vol.
In contrast with the idea that variations in nominal yields are principally the product of variations in expected rates of inflation, this paper finds evidence that real rates of interest were non-constant in all countries.
measured rates of inflation may have been biased estimates of the expected rates of inflation.

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