Expected rate of inflation

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Expected rate of inflation

The public's expectations for inflation. These expectations determine how large an effect a given policy action by the Fed will have on economic activity.

Expected Rate of Inflation

Investor and public expectations of current or future inflation. These expectations may or may not be rational, but they may affect how the market reacts to changes in target interest rates. For example, the market usually responds well to a cut in interest rates, but if investors expect inflation to go higher in the near future and the Federal Reserve cuts rates, the market may not react positively.
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The coefficients of real M2, the real stock price and the euro interest rate are significant at the 1%, and the coefficient of the expected inflation rate is significant at the 10% level.
One is the "time series" way--how a specific interest or expected inflation rate varies over time.
One can immediately get an expression of the reaction function of the authorities when the price level is smaller than or equal to the expected inflation rate by setting [delta] = 0 in Equation 5a.
If the public comes to believe that the central bank will want to use surprise inflation to reduce unemployment, then the public's expected inflation rate will rise, shifting out the short-run Phillips Curve.
Real output is expected to have a positive relationship with real M2 and real government spending and a negative relationship with real government tax revenues and the expected inflation rate.
Although the real interest rate and expected inflation rate constructed using averages from commodity futures data are highly volatile, limited information estimates such as the median change can substantially reduce the noise in such measures.
The variable er sr is the nominal average interest rate yield on 12 month government bills (expressed as a percent per annum) in each quarter minus the expected inflation rate (P) in that quarter.
Hence, the New Zealand expected inflation rate is denoted by [pi](; z).
Moreover, the effectiveness of monetary policy and efficiency in banking sector has direct beating on the long-run relationship between nominal interest rate and expected inflation rate.
18) Given these assumptions, the survey data can be used to calculate the expected inflation rate, [[Pi].
The expected inflation rate, which has both a direct as well as an indirect effect through the ex ante real rate, is calculated from the expected value of the ARMA (1,1) model of the inflation rate.
1 per cent, compared with an expected inflation rate of 2.

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