Expected future cash flows

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Expected future cash flows

Projected future cash flows associated with an asset.

Expected Future Cash Flows

The cash flow an investor or company expects to realize from a project before that project begins. The actual cash flows received may be greater or less than the expected future cash flows. They are often measured according to their present value. See also: Expected return.
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Highpower International plans to fund the equity purchase with cash on hand, expected future cash flow, and if needed, approximately USD 2m in borrowings under existing credit arrangements.
When determining the business enterprise value, expected future cash flow represents cash flow available to debt and equity holders.
Under the WACC method, a valuation expert values the entire business by calculating the present value of expected future cash flow, excluding only return of equity payments and payments relating to funding sources that pay interest (i.
We regress changes in annual cash dividend levels against various control variables and a surrogate for both the earnings effect and the expected future cash flow effects of LIFO adoption.
Key determinants of a business' value are: expected future cash flow, income, net assets, depth of management, competition, customer base, and employee relations.
Midroog noted that EMG constitutes a substantial portion of Ampal's portfolio and factors significantly into Ampal's expected future cash flow.
The expected future cash flow is calculated by multiplying the probability-weighted cash flow by the probability of each course of action, as follows:
5% interest in EMG constitutes a substantial portion of Ampal's portfolio and is a substantial factor in Ampal's expected future cash flow.
Because intrinsic value equals the future cash to be received over the term of the cap, gain or loss on the cap would equal the cumulative change in expected future cash flow.
Tabular presentation of expected future cash flow amounts and related contract terms categorized by expected maturity dates.
If management determines the appropriate discount rate is 10%, the present value of the expected future cash flow is $126,800.
A question arises as to the frequency and appropriate level of detail required in scheduling out the expected future cash flow streams.

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