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A unit of length used in printing. An em is one-sixth of an inch. It is also called a pica.

European Monetary System

A system established in 1979 whereby most member states of the European Economic Community linked their currencies to each other in anticipation of monetary integration. The first stage of the EMS was the European currency unit, then the ERM I, and, finally, the introduction of the euro and the ERM II. The European Monetary System also called for greater extension of credit between European countries. Among the methods the EMS used included the relative synchronization of national interest rates.


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Orem, Utah) do not load into expanded memory but will use the extra memory for data files as needed.
Headroom can work with extended or expanded memory .
It allocates as little as 40K of conventional memory and can use expanded memory for running programs and storing data.
When used with a compatible power measurement accessory, the expanded memory recording rate is automatically set to one second to ensure the most accurate cycling data possible.
The expanded memory offers more room for individual applications and makes it possible to play music and media files.
Each device offers dedicated music or gaming keys, expanded memory, large screens and extended battery performance to provide quick and easy access to entertainment content.
The SDiD 1212 (s512Mb) was our most popular low frequency RFID reader, and the expanded memory capacity to 2GB will enable even more creative application development.
Based on NEC Electronics' fast and efficient 78K0R core, the new 78K0R/Fx3 MCUs are optimized to deliver higher performance and expanded memory options for automotive body electronics applications such as window, seat and door modules; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
The expanded memory will have immediate benefits for our wireless email customers, whether they use BlackBerry by Motient, eLink, or other wireless applications," said Dan Croft, senior vice president of business development and marketing for Motient.
Larger display, expanded memory and VPN access offer business users a simple and secure way to manage calls.
The new ASMs satisfy the expanded memory requirements of the advanced infrastructure and high data rates demanded by the latest mobile cellular technologies.
All three single function LBP devices incorporate expanded memory capacities to provide high-speed image processing of data, up to 384MB RAM for Color imageRUNNER LBP5960/5360 and up to 320MB RAM for the imageRUNNER LBP3460.

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