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Exit Strategy

1. In entrepreneurship and venture capital, a plan to end one's involvement with a business or investment while making the greatest possible profit (or smallest possible loss). An exit strategy is designed to turn an illiquid asset into liquid cash for the investor. The most straightforward exit strategy is simply selling one's business. If this is impossible, difficult, or unprofitable, another example is discounting one's products to sell as much as possible in as short a time as possible, as in a going-out-of-business sale.

2. In trade, a plan to close a position at a certain point. For instance, a trader may make a stop-loss order in order to close an unprofitable position.

exit strategy

The method by which an investor plans to cash out of an investment. For example, a venture capitalist may intend to utilize an initial public offering to liquidate an investment in a closely held company.
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In other words, the use of insurance in an exit plan has historically required a sales process in which a purchaser of insurance needs to see a vision of what could happen to their lives without insurance.
Out of the 24 small business owners the author interviewed, only a few participants (2, 5 7, 18 and 20) demonstrated having explicitly incorporated this strategy into their exit plan.
Planners should be aware of their abilities and know when to bring in a specialist to assist with the business exit plan.
We will monitor the situation this time and, if required, implement the exit plan on Friday or Saturday night.
It's a not-so-subtle change for some accountants to move beyond compliance duties and into more of a consulting role, but it's a necessary shift to be a valuable adviser to a business owner's exit plan.
He affirmed Sudan's determination to implement the phased strategy of UNAMID exit, informing the Chinese diplomat on Sudan's demand for the continuation of the work of the tripartite team to complete the Unamid Exit plan in accordance with the UN and AU Peace and Security Council Resolutions in this connection .
A well thought-out exit plan can help transitioned-out activities proceed in a more orderly manner.
The longer one waits to implement an exit plan, the harder it becomes to create the right infrastructure for an orderly transition, let alone a forced transition in the unfortunate event of death or disability.
HYDERABAD -- Commissioner Hyderabad Jamal Mustafa Syed has asked the police officers to enhance deployment of police force with effective emergency exit plan on 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal in all districts of Hyderabad Division with objective to maintain law and order and avert any untoward incident.
US bankruptcy judge hints he would approve AMR's bankruptcy exit plan A US bankruptcy judge on Thursday Aug.
The Euro-pean Central Bank broke with precedent by declaring it would keep interest rates at record lows for an extended period and may yet cut further, responding to turbulence caused by the US Federal Reserve's exit plan from money-printing.