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The buyer of a Bermudian option tries to exercise the option when the exercise value is greater or equal to the continuation value, whereas the seller cannot choose the exercise strategy and must hedge against any possible strategy the buyer could realize, even the optimal strategy.
As a result of the merger, any Envivio shares not tendered in the tender offer have been converted into the right to receive USD 4.10 per share.In addition, options to purchase Envivio shares have been converted into the right to receive a cash payment equal to their net exercise value, based on the USD 4.10 per share merger consideration.
This study evaluated the exercise value of various types of dance classes (ballet, hip-hop, jazz, Latin-flamenco, Latin-salsa/ballet folklorico, partnered and tap) for children and adolescents.
It will also get options to buy Nickolas common shares for cash, the amount of which will be equal to their net exercise value, Prospect said.
For example, using movement or dance therapy has exercise value that could replace exercise machines such as the treadmill.
The instructor periodically reminds students of the exercise value for reinforcement.
During cuff inflation, we assumed the predicted time course for [??][O.sub.2] would increase linearly during the 6th through 10th min from the steady state exercise value at 5 min because of--
This once-recreational sport is growing in fitness popularity due to its affordability and exercise value. Skating, which does not require any membership fees and affords you the opportunity to work out on your own time, is an aerobic exercise that can be done alone or with a group.
The chart shows that the exercise value of the traditional option follows the changes in value of the underlying stock.
Rights that were originally distributed directly to an investor might be sold to enjoy a slight premium for the speculative value of the rights (although, because of the short-term nature of rights, this speculative premium will likely be very small, or simply non-existent), over and above the in-the-money exercise value, if they can be sold at a higher after-expenses/after-commission cost.

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