exercise notice

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Exercise notice

A broker's notification from a client who wants to exercise a right to buy or sell (depending on the type of contract) the underlying security of the option contract.

Exercise Notice

The written notice of the holder of an option contract of his/her intent to exercise the option. Exercise notice may occur on or before the expiration date, depending on the type of option contract. The exercise notice is sent to the Options Clearing Corporation, which is responsible for settling the transaction by finding an investor with an opposite position on the same contract.

exercise notice

A notice sent by an option holder to the Options Clearing Corporation, calling for fulfillment of the option's terms. The OCC will then assign fulfillment to someone short the same option.
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Interestingly, as an eyewash exercise notices were sent several hours after the ending of the press conference to 21 private TV channels.
The notices of exercise of the conversion/exchange rights (the "Exercise Notices") together with the corresponding 2020 OCEANEs must be delivered by the Holders, no later than that date and time, to CACEIS Corporate Trust, acting as centralising agent.
Asetek A/S (Oslo:ASETEK) announced on Monday the receipt of exercise notices from warrant holders aggregating 11,323 warrants, with each warrant giving a right to subscribe for one share of nominally DKK0.10.
During the restricted exercise period, Stereotaxis received exercise notices for 35,791,927 warrants.
The Company has received exercise notices from bondholders for the issuance of a total of 3,463,290 shares in the Company.