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1. Injuries, illnesses, or other conditions for which a health insurance policy does not provide coverage. Exclusions exist because they are thought to be too risky for the health insurance provider. For example, many insurance providers exclude treatment for some types of cancer because they are so expensive to treat. See also: Pre-existing condition.

2. Income that is not considered gross income for tax purposes. Exclusions include gifts, inheritance, and some others. It is important to note that just because a type of income is an exclusion, it does not mean that it is not taxed; it simply may be taxed differently. Exclusions are stated in the U.S. Tax Code.
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Medical services that insurance companies do not pay for are called exclusions. A typical exclusion is a wartime injury or a self-inflicted wound.

But coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, or health problems you had before you were covered by the policy, may also be excluded on some policies.

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An amount of income that is not included in gross income because the Tax Code excludes it. Examples, include gain from a qualified sale of a principal residence, income earned abroad, and gifts and inheritances.
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The paper particularly analyzes social exclusion in Luxemburg, even though Luxemburg is one of the most developed European Union (EU) countries.
USTR issued exclusions for 10 goods described in various Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) subheadings, including plastic containers, polyester yarn and steel pet cages, among other goods, according to a notice published in the Federal Register on Aug.
And of these exclusions 11 - a record number - were for racist abuse.
"We are also embedding a Pupil Placement Panel to work with schools to identify and support children at risk from exclusion."
A rising number of exclusions in the North East have led to the increase and there has been a 13% rise in permanent exclusions for assaults against an adult in a year.
An exclusion precluding insurance coverage for claims arising from a contract not only applies to claims sounding directly in contract but also to claims sounding in tort as long as they flowed from or had their origins in the breach of the contract.
Commenters have raised questions about inconsistent tax treatment that could arise as a result of the temporary nature of the increased exclusion amount, the IRS said in a preamble to the proposed regulations.
Permanent exclusions amounted to twice the national average last year, although this is an improvement from the previous year when it had the highest rate in the country.
There were 339 exclusions lasting five days or fewer in Cardiff's primary schools in 2017/18 - which meant a total of 526-and-a-half school days for these pupils were lost.
There were 339 exclusions lasting five days or fewer in Cardiff's primary schools in 2017-18 - which meant a total of 526-and-a-half school days were lost for these pupils.