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1. Injuries, illnesses, or other conditions for which a health insurance policy does not provide coverage. Exclusions exist because they are thought to be too risky for the health insurance provider. For example, many insurance providers exclude treatment for some types of cancer because they are so expensive to treat. See also: Pre-existing condition.

2. Income that is not considered gross income for tax purposes. Exclusions include gifts, inheritance, and some others. It is important to note that just because a type of income is an exclusion, it does not mean that it is not taxed; it simply may be taxed differently. Exclusions are stated in the U.S. Tax Code.


Medical services that insurance companies do not pay for are called exclusions. A typical exclusion is a wartime injury or a self-inflicted wound.

But coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, or health problems you had before you were covered by the policy, may also be excluded on some policies.


An amount of income that is not included in gross income because the Tax Code excludes it. Examples, include gain from a qualified sale of a principal residence, income earned abroad, and gifts and inheritances.
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The data - which covers all statefunded primaries and secondaries - shows year-on-year increases, with exclusions up by a total of 27% since 2012-2013.
g pils There 3,800 bullying to With access mental health services increasingly difficult as CAMHS struggles to keep up, this impacts on the levels of challenging behaviour in schools, which can in turn lead to higher levels of fixed-term and permanent exclusions.
Across England, the number of permanent exclusions across all state-funded primary, secondary and special schools rose from 5,795 to 6,685, corresponding to around 35.
This part of the exclusion has an anti-concurrent causation clause taken straight out of the ISO flood/war exclusion section in a commercial property insurance policy.
As mentioned, the federal estate tax exclusion is now $5.
The excess of the basic exclusion amount of the last deceased spouse of the surviving spouse over the amount with respect to which the tentative tax is determined under Sec.
The total pollution exclusion, which is endorsed on many comprehensive general liability policies, applies in nearly all circumstances involving the release of a "pollutant," including the products-completed operations context.
Furthermore, the benefits of the tax exclusion flow disproportionately to those at the top of the income distribution, since the value of the exclusion rises with the individual's income tax rate and richer individuals are more likely to have insurance and to have more generous plans.
Describe how the work of a subcontractor affects the damage to your work exclusion
The article appears to suggest Birmingham City Council has attempted to hide an increase in fixed term exclusions by highlighting a dramatic drop in permanent exclusions.
El marco conceptual alternativo es desarrollado en tres secciones: tipologia de la pobreza, tipologia de la exclusion y la relacion entre ambas.
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