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The Queens Dock building, formerly HM Customs & Excise offices, which are set for conversion to 240 luxury apartments |
Mould" "under Pretence of a Horses being ill," and was subsequently attacked in the Stocks Market; "with much Difficulty he was brought back in a Coach to the Excise Office, at the Hazard of his Life.
You can get all the assistance you require by speaking to your local Customs and Excise office, who will be very helpful in assisting you with any information you require.
is pleased to announce Fritz Malaysia has officially been approved by the Royal Malaysian Custom and Excise Office as a licensed customs broker.
Tenders are invited for Pdg Wet Riser And Fire Fighting Arrangement For The Income Tax And Central Excise Office At Cr Building Bangalore
Other excise officials said that a truckload of original number plates for the vehicles and bikes registered in the year 2013 reached the excise office few days ago and owners of vehicles can receive their number plates from the office.
customs and excise office, which will visit the country in September, Sumpeno Putro, the marketing director general at the maritime and fisheries ministry, said.
Using a software package that links the facility's computers with the Customs and Excise office at Birmingham International Airport, operators at HHRT are able to complete the digitalised legal paperwork to document the arrival of imported containers.
COVENTRY businesses are no longer allowed to pay their VAT receipts to the local Customs and Excise office.
The doctors will have to obtain professional tax from excise office which will be issued to them for one year.
Citizens will be asked to contact excise office of their respective city for the purpose but number plates will be issued from Lahore," he added.
A spokesman for the Customs and Excise office for the Midlands said passengers coming into the UK were still closely monitored once they arrived at British airports.