excise tax

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Excise tax

Federal or state tax placed on the sale or manufacture of a commodity, typically a luxury item e.g., alcohol.

Excise Tax

A tax on the manufacture or sale of a good or service over and above all other taxes paid on it. For example, a person may owe sales tax on the purchase of tobacco, but the state may also levy an excise tax on top of it. Likewise, one may owe both income taxes and excise taxes on a premature distribution of an IRA. See also: Sin tax.

excise tax

A tax on the manufacture, purchase, or sale of a good or service. The tax may be based on the number of units or on value. Compare consumption tax.
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While the cost of production of the premium fuels is higher than that of the normal varieties most of the price difference at the retail filling stations is accounted for by the higher excise duties on these products.
It is believed huge quantities could have been diverted to be sold in the UK without paying normal excise duties.
Excise duties on beer are a consumer tax that we collect on behalf of the government.
Allen and Moss will focus their practice on value added tax and excise duties, an area in which disputes have risen dramatically in recent years.
The Court of Justice also found that a Council decision authorising a Member State, in accordance with an EU Directive on taxation to introduce an exemption from excise duties could not have the effect of preventing the Commission from exercising its duty conferred by the TFEU of controlling the compatibility of such exemptions with EU state aid rules.
Amendments to Bulgaria's Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act proposed by the Finance Ministry provide for an increase in excise duty rates for a number of fuels and the introduction of excise duty rates for methane and natural gas for heating purposes.
The rise in customs and excise duties is expected to have a negative impact on refineries.
The committee even said a code could justify inaction, saying member states could take into account their economic health, enabling countries hoping to joining the Eurozone "not to increase their inflation rates by quickly raising excise duties on alcohol.
Added to this, unpredictable developments like increases in excise duties and other governmental measures, prevent a meaningful prediction of the level of profit growth for 1998 at this time.
Bulgaria and all other EU states should be completely free to decide their excise duties for tobacco, alcohol and energy, according to the Bulgarian rightist SDS party.
MEDITERRANEAN countries face raising duties on fortified wines such as port and sherry under a proposal to increase minimum European Union (EU) excise duties by 31%.