Exchange members

Exchange members

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Exchange Member

A person, normally a broker, who has membership on a stock exchange. This means that he/she is allowed to make trades on the floor of that exchange. Most exchanges do not allow firms to be members, so the membership for a member firm formally belongs to one or more of its employees. Memberships are bought and sold at market price because most exchanges have a finite number. See also: Seat.

Member Firm

A broker-dealer firm in which at least one of the principal officers is allowed to trade on the floor of an exchange. To become a member, one needs to purchase a membership or a seat on the exchange, which can be very expensive. There are usually a set number of memberships to an exchange; for example, on the New York Stock Exchange, there are 1,366 seats, which may cost up to $1 million each, and which may be bought or sold to different firms. Most exchanges do not recognize member firms, only individual members; that is, they consider members to be the brokers or dealers on the floor, rather than the firms they represent.
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Government has also levied Rs1,000 tax on lawyers, Rs2,000 on jewelers and cable operators, Rs4,000 on health clubs/gymnasiums in metropolitan limits and cigarette/tobacco dealers, Rs6,000 on audit firms, taxation consultants, architects, money changers, engineering and scientific consultants, Rs6,000-10,000 on motorcycle/scooter dealers, Rs10,000 on stock exchange members, Rs10,000 on motor car dealers and real estate agents in small cities and Rs20,000 on those working in metropolitan corporation limits.
Lawyers, stock exchange members, money changers, motorcycle/scooter dealers, motorcar dealers and real estate agents, recruiting agents will also pay professional tax in addition to several other professions.
Barclays Ghana, a major lender to the agriculture sector, has agreed to collaborate with GCX in the Warehouse Receipt Financing Programme and be a Settlement Bank to Exchange Members.
Centene grew to 1.6 million exchange members, up from 960,000 at the end of 2017.
As per Section 233A of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 the NCCPL has the duty of collecting advance tax from stock exchange members, margin financiers, trading financiers, lenders etc.
Salt Lake City -- UHIN, the state-designated health information exchange (HIE) in Utah, participated in the official launch of the Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) initiative, a nationwide initiative coordinated by the health information exchange members of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC), a national trade association representing health information exchanges (HIEs).
Since then, TRACIE has received over 150,000 visits to its website, responded to over 2,200 technical assistance requests, and now has nearly 500 subject matter experts on standby for tailored direct support, over 3,100 information exchange members, and its listserv reaches over 150,000 stakeholders.
Time Exchange members and local residents will be supported to meet on a regular basis to cook food together, share recipes, eat together and enjoy a social activity with others.
UnitedHealthcare served 795,000 people nationwide on public exchanges as of the end of the first quarter of 2016, but it expects to have only 650,000 public exchange members by December, the company told CNN.
All stock exchange members had access to the trading floors of these stock exchanges.
It is expected that more than 22 stock exchange members from the three founding countries will connect to the platform and a total of 387 securities will be available for trading.

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