exchange controls

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Exchange controls

Government restrictions on the purchase of foreign currencies by domestic citizens or on the purchase of the local domestic currency by foreigners.
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Exchange Controls

Laws or regulations that a government may institute limiting foreign exchange of its currency. A government may enact exchange controls on one currency (that is, a government may say that its currency is not convertible into Zimbabwean dollars, for example), or it may enact exchange controls over all currencies. Some countries have exchange controls to prevent citizens from making bad investment decisions in, say, a country experiencing hyperinflation, while a few communist countries enact exchange controls to prevent capitalist influences. See also: Inconvertibility.
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exchange controls

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exchange controls

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But, she said, with the advent of greater trade and globalisation, a consensus emerged that exchange controls, if not managed and administered well, could create distortions and can disrupt economic efficiency and growth.
"Lifting exchange controls may seem obvious now, but it was revolutionary back then."
* To control the outflow of foreign currency through the tourism sector and maintain the dollar reserves of the Central Bank, the Argentine government imposed exchange controls. For example, in December 2013, the government increased taxes on debit and credit card purchases abroad for "tourism and traveling purposes" (including flight and tour packages) from 20% to 35% to deter the outflow of currency from Argentina.
German Europe did not allow Greek exchange controls so the Oligarchs withdrew some 240,000 million Euros which was funded by massive and unrepayable State debt.
Temporary exchange controls can defuse the situation otherwise it will have a negative impact on masses and every segment of the economy besides ransacking central bank's reserves, he said.
New York (AirGuide Features - Inside Air Travel) Fri, Jul 11, 2014 United Airlines will drop its daily flight to Caracas from Houston, starting in September, joining other carriers who have cut service over the country's foreign exchange controls. United said it will operate four flights a week to the country, starting September 17.
To get the deal done, Argentina loosened foreign exchange controls that have been central to the presidency of left-leaning Cristina Fernandez.
Types of capital control include exchange controls that prevent or limit the buying and selling of a national currency at the market rate.
In our opinion, changing and arbitrary laws, price and exchange controls, and other distorting and unpredictable economic measures have undermined private-sector investment and hurt productivity--weakening Venezuela's domestic economy.
Exchange controls are a type of capital control that regulates the way the domestic currency relates to international currency markets.
The new Portfolio examines the array of tax and legal issues affecting the business environment in Vietnam and carries analyses of the regulation of foreign investment, currency and exchange controls, trade and commerce regulation, immigration regulations, labor relations and business financing.

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