exchange controls

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Exchange controls

Government restrictions on the purchase of foreign currencies by domestic citizens or on the purchase of the local domestic currency by foreigners.
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Exchange Controls

Laws or regulations that a government may institute limiting foreign exchange of its currency. A government may enact exchange controls on one currency (that is, a government may say that its currency is not convertible into Zimbabwean dollars, for example), or it may enact exchange controls over all currencies. Some countries have exchange controls to prevent citizens from making bad investment decisions in, say, a country experiencing hyperinflation, while a few communist countries enact exchange controls to prevent capitalist influences. See also: Inconvertibility.
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exchange controls

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exchange controls

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In his 2016 Budget Speech, Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan announced another exchange control and tax amnesty for errant South African taxpayers.
The tax avoidance industry started post-1975 following toxic Maggie's lifting of exchange controls. Is it time to re-introduce some form of exchange control?
The deal is subject to RPM and Anglo American Platinum obtaining South African exchange control approval.
Considering the advantages in promoting the investment in Unit Trusts and to broaden the investor base in such instruments, the Budget 2011 proposed the removal of exchange control regulations in relation to investments in Unit Trusts.
The bank will provide Comac with 50 billion yuan (USD7.46 billion) for use in its C919 large aircraft program and also provide help with cash management and foreign exchange control. Oct 5, 2010
The IMF Articles of Agreement recognize exchange control in three principal provisions, namely Article VI(3), Article VIII(2)(a), and Article XIV.
Doubts have been raised of late, notably due to exchange control issues as India's sports ministry refused to release pounds 22.5million to Ecclestone's Formula One Administration as part of the deal.
Regulations regarding exchange control have to be strictly adhered to, so correct documentation is essential.
Improve restrictive regulations governing overseas exchange of the Korean won (Revision and implementation of Enforcement Decree on Foreign Exchange Control Act on April 3, 2006)
Coverage for each country includes information on: foreign investment regulations; currency and exchange control; taxation of resident corporations; avoiding double taxation; anti-avoidance measures; taxation of resident/non-resident individuals; taxation of branches v.

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