Trading floor

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Trading Floor

The physical place where trading occurs on an exchange with an open outcry system. For example, the New York Stock Exchange has a place where traders and members gather to buy and sell securities. Many exchanges are moving away from trading floors and toward conducting more trades electronically. It is also called a floor.
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Trading floor.

The trading floor is the active trading area of a stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Securities are traded double auction style on an exchange trading floor. That means the prices are set by competitive bidding between brokers representing buyers and brokers representing sellers, following a series of clearly established exchange rules.

Many market maker firms refer to the space in their offices that they have allocated for trading as their trading floor. The same term is used to describe the trading areas in banks and brokerage firms.

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For Burkhardt's team, extreme availability means being assured that all applications are tightly integrated and can respond in under a second, whether supporting a trade on an exchange floor via a wireless device, transferring multibillion-dollar transactions across global infrastructures, or protecting the integrity of the integrated applications through a secure infrastructure that extends to third parties.
Segues between segments are brilliantly thought out and executed and tech credits uniformly top-notch: Lensing in the chaotic conditions of the exchange floor or crowded brokerage houses flows freely with none of the hand-held jitteriness generally considered de rigeur to convey the turmoil of trade.
When the stock market opened on Monday morning, Merrill Lynch's traders lacked the electronic data feeds normally used to send orders to the exchange floor. They had to make do with the telephone.
-- The areas of WLAN development that TowerGroup feels have the greatest potential include: corporate back- and middle-office functionality (which could range from corporate messaging systems to field-office workflow); exchange floor mobility (which allows greater freedom for brokers working in floor-based exchanges); and targeted deployments that "mobilize" front-office functionality at specific points of heavy activity (such as, for example, a bank branch where "roving" personnel could handle simple transactions from anywhere in the branch).
But Dell paused at one point to consider the moral burden of being CEO of the Year --or any CEO any day of the year: "There's a responsibility that comes with leading a company and with the success that comes with having the opportunities we have," Dell explained during an interview on the stock exchange floor. "There's a responsibility in how we contribute to society.
After pressing the bell button, the 120-centimeter-tall robot, which walks in a way similar to a human, raised its hands in a gesture of ''banzai'' amid cheering from traders on the exchange floor.
Executives insist the new company will offer the industry's most comprehensive and proven e-commerce solutions, such as the exchange floor, online auctions and futures exchange.
(10.) Exchange Floor - World Chemical Exchange, Chem-Connect Inc.
These jitters first began far from the stock exchange floor though, in the grubby vaults of high street lender Egebank in early January 2000.
Away from the exchange floor, however, a revolution in trading securities is under way that directly challenges the Big Board and other exchanges.
I stood on the Exchange floor, appreciative of the endorsement of investors worldwide, overwhelmed by feelings of joy and accomplishment.