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A sudden, unexpected profit or gain. A windfall may occur, for example, after a company announces an earnings surprise and its stock consequently jumps significantly. Companies may also experience windfall when demand for their products skyrockets; for example, an umbrella manufacturer may see windfall during an especially rainy year. See also: Windfall shares, Windfall tax.


An unexpected profit or gain. An investor holding a stock that increases greatly in price because of an unexpected takeover offer receives a windfall.
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The Commissions investigation into the Belgian Excess Profit tax scheme was opened in February 2015.
Justice Sotomayor suggested in PPL that the Court could have looked at the five companies that had different initial periods as outliers, thereby making it improper to reformulate the tax as an excess profits tax.
public believed that privatization of the utilities had not conferred the much-anticipated public benefits, but instead benefited the private interests that bought the utilities in the form of excess profits and excessive executive and director remuneration.
In May of 1945, the Joint Committee announced a "five point program" involving increased excess profits tax exemptions and provisions such as accelerated refund provisions for loss carrybacks and amortization deductions, "designed to improve the cash position of business.
The excess profits on this small group of drugs is fairly sizable relative to the doughnut hole gap in coverage under the prescription drug plan.
While insurance executives appreciate the leverage that pricing has on their loss ratios and premium volume, few have the technical knowledge or time to test and dictate the critical ratemaking assumptions that will shape their company's future; and while insurance regulators recognize their obligation to protect consumers from excess profits and unfair discrimination, few have the resources to examine all the new and innumerable risk classifications and test the scores of new and varied data-mining and rate-development techniques.
HUD requires that nonprofits use their excess profits to pay down the mortgages of the homebuyers they overcharged, but the agency's ability to enforce this requirement is extremely limited.
Prior researchers argue that cost shifting is at least partly responsible for the defense-contracting industry's excess profits (Rogerson 1992; Thomas and Tung 1992).
To hide (a) its business deals from American competitors (b) debts, losses, and bad business deals (c) excess profits (d) executives' salaries from stockholders.
Providers acting ahead of the competition will enjoy excess profits until others enter the marketplace.
To make sure the bonuses can be funded, Sumitomo is considering setting aside a portion of excess profits, in addition to pooled funds.
The commission opened its inquiry in April into whether the UK's large supermarket chains were abusing their dominant market position to make excess profits.

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