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A sudden, unexpected profit or gain. A windfall may occur, for example, after a company announces an earnings surprise and its stock consequently jumps significantly. Companies may also experience windfall when demand for their products skyrockets; for example, an umbrella manufacturer may see windfall during an especially rainy year. See also: Windfall shares, Windfall tax.


An unexpected profit or gain. An investor holding a stock that increases greatly in price because of an unexpected takeover offer receives a windfall.
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The excess profits on this small group of drugs is fairly sizable relative to the doughnut hole gap in coverage under the prescription drug plan.
The air carrier operating agreement should include an excess profits participation interest in the specified service pattern in favor of the entity providing loss indemnification coverage.
United States, the Court of Claims held that a parent's pre-merger excess profits credit carryovers could not be used against the post-merger income of its subsidiary after the parent merged down-stream into the subsidiary.
Most parties in the case -- including the PUC's own staff -- agree that the regulated monopoly already collects millions of dollars in excess profits and so instead should lower its rates.
McInerney said in Thursday's statement: "Our case is simple: Excess profits made by a developer under Chapter 40B should be returned to the town.
So if we get this cold spell the Government will have to intervene and if they do intervene, and it is costly, I for one would regard it as perfectly acceptable for them then, subsequently, to levy an excess profits tax on the energy companies and claw that money back.
David Cameron has rejected proposals for a tax to be slapped on energy companies' excess profits suggested by his predecessor, Sir John Major.
Consumers want action from politicians to tackle the excess profits and undeserved bonuses of the big six energy companies.
The water regulator, must get a grip and are calling for fresh powers to ensure that any excess profits can be fairly redistributed to customers.
901(b)(1), taxpayers can claim a credit for "the amount of any income, war profits, and excess profits taxes paid or accrued .
Among other outcomes of work of the Kyrgyz government Prime Minister Babanov called revision of old agreements with Russia, Heart of Asia Project in tourism sector and up to 5% increase of taxes levied on excess profits of mobile operators (the respective bill was submitted to the Parliament for consideration).
If these companies can amass excess profits so easily, they are charging too much for what they do.

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