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In any case, in considering ex gratia payments, there could be missing facts - was such a payment offered, was any other offer to settle made?
People who were subjected to abuse as a resident of a hostel under the Country High School Hostels Authority will be eligible to apply for ex gratia payments of up to $45,000.
Australia is one of the few common law jurisdictions that do not have state or federal compensation statutes for exonerees, leaving ex gratia payments as the primary means to seek restitution.
BETFAIR last night announced they were making ex gratia payments to some punters who lost out in the notorious in-running market on the Christmas Hurdle at Leopardstown, but stressed the move was not an admission of liability.
The good news is that this change does not affect the pounds 30,000 tax exemption for ex gratia payments made as compensation for loss of office and statutory redundancy payments remain tax free.
However, some insurers have treated it as a weather-related event, while others have made ex gratia payments.
But M'lord Mandy (right) has ruled that 6,500 sufferers whose cases are on hold must be satisfied with pounds 5,000 ex gratia payments from the public purse - and no new claims will be allowed.
The axing of the scheme - "overnight and without warning" - wrongly brought to an end more than a century of non-statutory ex gratia payments to people suffering injustice at the hands of police and state, the High Court was told last month.
But he stressed claims for ex gratia payments were separate to any possible compensation claims from veterans who say their health has suffered as a result of the tests.
It will see big pay rises for 3,900 low paid workers - mainly women - and in addition 2,600 workers have been offered ex gratia payments.
The legal action follows a row over ex gratia payments of 10,000 pounds ($14,500) each to former prisoners of war (POWs) or their widows, a scheme the British government announced last November, according to the Daily Telegraph.
And the concessionaires who go are getting a package beyond the contractual obligations including ex gratia payments and free periods.