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Event driven

In the context of hedge funds, a style of management that combines many different types of hedge fund investing such as merger arbitrage, distressed securities and high yield investing, in conjunction with an important "event" that is supposed to unlock firm value (like a merger announcement, earnings announcement, or a regulator decision).
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Event Driven

In hedge funds, an investment strategy of using many different investment strategies in reaction to various events. For example, if a merger is announced, a hedge fund may conduct transactions according to one strategy and, if the merger falls through, the fund may make transactions using a completely different strategy. The idea behind an event driven strategy is to use the best investment strategy befitting a particular moment in time.
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Additionally, its schedule includes some event-driven programming such as the Olympics, Wimbledon, Cricket (which is important in England, Howden stressed,) and "a certain amount of football.
Event-driven programming requires the programmer to define what needs to be done when various specified events occur.
Berkeley's list of GeoDOS power features suggests just how ambitious the product's design goals are: "true pre-emptive multi-tasking, including multiple threads of execution within a single process; dynamic memory management; event-driven programming; nested, overlapped, arbitrary-shaped windows; device independent graphics; proportionally spaced fonts; and object-oriented programming." And all this in less than 200K of RAM.

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