Evaluation period

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Evaluation period

The time interval over which funds assess a money manager's performance.

Evaluation Period

The time period in which a money manager's performance is measured against some subjective or objective standard. This is done periodically to assess the effectiveness of a money manager's work for his/her firm. The evaluation period is especially important at the beginning of employment, but remains so throughout one's career. See also: Manager Universe (Benchmark).
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66% were observed for black oat in two evaluation periods (Cargnelutti Filho et al.
2]) evaluated in three uniformity trials per evaluation period, in the first cut in four evaluation periods at 39, 46, 54 and 62 days after sowing (DAS), in the second cut in three evaluation periods at 54, 62 and 80 DAS and in the third cut in two evaluation periods at 69 and 82 DAS, of the first sowing time (October 18, 2013) Sowing time Cut Trial (1) [rho] First evaluation period = 39 DAS 1 1 1 0.
The evaluation periods were from January 1, 2000, through September 30, 2002, for lending and extended through December 31, 2002, for community development loans and qualified investments.
Neuheisel will be limited to nine evaluation days, rather than the usual 29, during the 1999-2000 spring and fall evaluation periods.
The prison's last medium-security section will be converted into the reception center, which will accommodate 950 prisoners for evaluation periods up to 90 days, officials said.

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