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We expect a normal agent, with a normal degree of competence in practical and moral reasoning, to be directly sensitive and responsive to moral reasons against certain morally objectionable ways of acting, such as evading taxes, with no need of having a chancy, fortuitous thought, fully unconnected, from a semantic and rational point of view, with those moral reasons.
However, Tax Evasion (3) can also be seen as raising an objection to my own proposal, for it seems that in it, and unlike the attentiveness to moral reasons in Tax Evasion (2), imagining being severely punished is not a "next best action", something morally better that it was reasonable for Joe to do in the circumstances, at least if we assume that Joe was unaware of the causal necessity relation between this imagining and the decision against evading taxes.
For suppose that, after paying the required attention to moral reasons against evading taxes, Joe dismisses them and decides to evade taxes.
And this is also the case with Joe in Tax Evasion: he does not believe that simply becoming attentive to moral reasons against evading taxes would exempt him from blame, but it would, and with good reason, if our considerations are correct, for this is everything he could reasonably have done, in the context he was in, in order to fulfil his moral duty not to (decide to) evade taxes.
Under South Korean law, the punishment for those found guilty of evading taxes of more than 500 million won is five years to life imprisonment.
He was convicted in December of evading taxes on $8 million and was sentenced to nearly six years in prison.
22 Kyodo The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday sentenced a former talent agency president to four-and-half years in prison and fined him 250 million yen for evading taxes with help of tax inspectors and a certified public tax accountant.
The government of India is to offer an amnesty to account holders in the Swiss unit of HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) for evading taxes.
Prosecutors in Mannheim, Germany, sought a jail term of six years and nine months for Peter Graf, the father of Steffi Graf, charged with evading taxes on more than $26.
Her father, Peter, who also is her manager and financial advisor, is charged with evading taxes on $28 million of her income.
Graf's father and manager, Peter Graf, was arrested in August on suspicion of evading taxes on his daughter's earnings between 1987 and 1992.