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The Firm represented Banco de Credito e Inversiones (Bci), a leading Chilean bank, in connection with a Euroyen bond offering of JPY 4,900,000,000 0.70% Bonds due 2017, JPY 10,100,000,000 0.81% Bonds due 2019 and JPY 1,500,000,000 Floating Rate Bonds due 2017, pursuant to Regulation S under the Securities Act of 1933.
The new unit will serve as a major centre for overseas wholesale operations, such as underwriting Euroyen bonds issued by Japanese companies.
The loss has stemmed from the investments in euroyen bonds and mutual funds into which bonds denominated in foreign currencies are incorporated, according to the group, widely known as Nippon Keidanren.
He also said he plans to ask the Investment Trusts Association of Japan to devise stricter guidelines on risk management of money management funds (MMFs) as funds that incorporated euroyen bonds issued by Enron fell below par value following Enron's financial trouble.
The MMFs, which incorporate euroyen bonds floated by U.S.
Some MMFs that incorporated Euroyen bonds floated by U.S.
As for massive cancellations of money management funds (MMFs) incorporating euroyen bonds of U.S.
Money management funds (MMFs) offered by four Japanese asset management companies have fallen below their par value of 10,000 yen due to the inclusion of euroyen bonds issued by Enron Corp., a U.S.
Investors on Thursday canceled more than 1 trillion yen in money management funds (MMFs) incorporating Euroyen bonds of U.S.
Norinchukin Bank reportedly incurred losses of 4 billion yen on Euroyen bonds, however.
said Tuesday it has incurred a loss of some 15 billion yen on its holding of Euroyen bonds linked to Russian government bonds.
Asahi officials said the Dutch subsidiary, established in 1989, has raised funds through such methods as issuing Euroyen bonds worth 2-40 billion-yen range on guarantees provided by the parent company.