European terms

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European terms

A foreign exchange quotation that states the foreign currency price of one U.S. dollar. Opposite of direct quote.

European Terms

In the United States currency market, an exchange rate stated in U.S. dollars per unit of a foreign currency. That is, the act of stating an exchange rate in European terms means stating the dollars needed to buy one unit of that currency. European terms contrasts with direct terms, which state the units of the foreign currency needed to buy one dollar.
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Attracting a manager of his standing would have increased Celtic's stature in European terms hugely.
Kosovo is a neat operation in Western European terms to promote a new Anglo-American-French alliance to lead world politics and replace Franco-German hegemony.
In European terms, Storage Dimensions had a presence virtually only in the UK, whereas Artecon was already in several countries around the continent," he explained.
the Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms, displays an understandable bias toward European terms that has proven helpful in several searches in the past.
Unfortunately, some readers may be confused with some of the terminology used if they are unfamiliar with European terms.
I don't just mean in Scotland – I'm talking in European terms, especially for his achievements in the Champions League.
TOTALLY dominant at home - they have won the Portuguese title in eight of the last ten seasons and are 4-7 to win it this year - in European terms, Porto have long been a selling club.
Only time will tell what the future holds and what influence we will have in mainland European terms.
The current pension age, 62, might not sound high in European terms.

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