European terms

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European terms

A foreign exchange quotation that states the foreign currency price of one U.S. dollar. Opposite of direct quote.

European Terms

In the United States currency market, an exchange rate stated in U.S. dollars per unit of a foreign currency. That is, the act of stating an exchange rate in European terms means stating the dollars needed to buy one unit of that currency. European terms contrasts with direct terms, which state the units of the foreign currency needed to buy one dollar.
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This BT deal only becomes a divisive issue in European terms when the existing ERC accord expires in 2014, which is when BT may screen English clubs competing in whatever European cup exists then.
Their credibility is shot through both on national and in European terms.
Many readers will be grateful for his clear definition of liberals and liberalism in European terms versus U.
Matthew's tastes are very broad," he said, "both in European terms and in American terms.
If your on pounds 100k a week for sitting on your backside, why not take iteltorres WE have been knocked off our perch in domestic terms, and there's no denying ManchesterUnited's supremacy over the last 20 or so years, but we're still tops in European terms.
Some of the recipes incorporate European terms for ingredients that even by the end of the 19th century were still unknown in Iran.
in Brussels yesterday a European terms of reference for the political
In pure domestic and European terms alone, United had made 21 cup final appearances and won 11 league titles since the Blues last reached Wembley in 1981.
In European terms, Russia is what one can call Old Money.
So look at the Green Party - now a serious party in European terms - or my personal favourite, The English Democrats, who want an English Parliament taking decisions for people committed to England.
In some cases European terms are used rather than their North American equivalents (epicarp vs exocarp).
Nicolaou stressed that five years after the island's EU accession, it was time for Cyprus to start thinking in European terms of justice, where the spirit, and not the letter, of the law was followed.

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