European Works Council

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European Works Council

a pan European council of employee representatives with transitional firms established to facilitate CONSULTATION between management and employees. Firms with at least 1000 employees in the member states of the EUROPEAN UNION and at least 150 employees in the two or more member states are required to establish a European Works Council.

The UK initially opted out of the Social Protocol provision of the MAASTRICHT TREATY and hence UK firms were only partially covered by the European Works Council Directive. However, the UK has now fully implemented the Directive so UK firms are fully covered. Currently, there are around 650 EWC agreements in companies operating in Europe.

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Would a French or German multinational, for example, attempt to exclude its UK employees from representation on its European works council on the grounds that the Directive had no statutory force in the UK?
A particularly significant development in Europe has been the introduction by the European Union of its European Works Councils Directives (EU Directives), issued in 1994 and 1997, mandating the establishment of a European Works Council (EWC) in larger, multinational, enterprises.
According to Roy Adams, professor of industrial relations at McMaster University, "Although not called works councils, recent initiatives have characteristics very similar to European works councils.
Commenting, Bernard Fontana, Executive Vice President and Management Committee Member of ArcelorMittal with responsibility for Human Resources, said: "We had a constructive meeting today with the European Works Council and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their co-operation during what is a very challenging period for the global economy.
At Indesit, the company's European Works Council gathered at its headquarters in Peterborough yesterday to discuss "market conditions," but officials said discussions were "confidential.
Consequently, the Airbus European Works Council 'ECA' meeting planned on February 20 has been postponed," it added.
The Ford European Works Council has written to Getrag bosses in Cologne voicing its 'total disappointment and disgust' at the Slovakia proposals and calling on them to back Halewood instead.
Yesterday, furious GMB union officials demanded an emergency meeting with the European Works Council in a bid to reverse Coats' decision.
The European Works Council, which has significant status within the company, decided to oppose the move.
Nevertheless, a careful consideration of the European works council model along with Canada's successful experience with mandatory committees suggests that the works council approach may not be inimical to union interests.
ArcelorMittal is today meeting with its European Works Council to present voluntary separation programmes to be launched across the group.
NV (EADS NV) has announced it has unveiled a restructuring plan before the EADS European Works Council that will help it boost competitiveness in its defence and space businesses.

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