European Works Council

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European Works Council

a pan European council of employee representatives with transitional firms established to facilitate CONSULTATION between management and employees. Firms with at least 1000 employees in the member states of the EUROPEAN UNION and at least 150 employees in the two or more member states are required to establish a European Works Council.

The UK initially opted out of the Social Protocol provision of the MAASTRICHT TREATY and hence UK firms were only partially covered by the European Works Council Directive. However, the UK has now fully implemented the Directive so UK firms are fully covered. Currently, there are around 650 EWC agreements in companies operating in Europe.

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Opel's European works council said it would not make any wage concessions, following the decision.
CGT union stated that the company's management was planning to meet on January 12 with the head of the European works council, as it plans to call for a meeting of the works council over the future of the Flanders refinery, in Dunkirk, in Northern France.
The European Works Council and the ComitE[umlaut] d'Entreprise France were notified by Oracle on last week that 250 positions would be eliminated in France, the union wrote on its blog.
Air France-KLM announced the signing of a protocol agreement finalizing implementation of a European Works Council to "inform and consult workers about all matters concerning the Group as well as issues of a transnational character." The joint body, established to conform with European law, will supersede those of the individual airlines but will not replace staff representative bodies from each company and in each country.
A fine example of what the authors call the 'semi-autonomous' approach has been most visible in the area of European works council research.
Factory convener and European Works Council chairman Bill Blakelock said yesterday: "The workforce here has been phenomenal.
T&G national organiser Dave Osborne is hoping to meet the top boss of Peugeot's parent company PSA and unions also want an emergency meeting of its European works council.
Employee representation in Europe: the European Works Council model
Rover, Vauxhall and now Corus have raised the stakes on the need to toughen the European Works Council Directive.
Trade unionists declared that they intend to take the firm to court for not respecting the European Works Council Directive (94/45/EC), which requires employers to inform their employees of the consequences of restructuring 'in good time'.
In order to rekindle interest in the issue, Kester and Pinaud have assembled essays on developments in the European Community (there is a short but very useful paper by Janine Goetschy on the development of the European Works Council Directive), Scandinavia, and six individual countries: France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Malta, and Sweden.

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